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Copyright 4 Educators (ZA)

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Copyright 4 Educators (ZA)

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Course organiser: Tobias Schonwetter
About the Course Organiser: 

Tobias Schonwetter is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Intellectual Property Research Unit in South Africa. He studied and practiced law in Germany and San Francisco, U.S.A. and holds Ph.D. and LL.M. degrees (with distinction) from UCT. Tobias' Ph.D. dissertation was on copyright-related issues - with a special focus on copyright exceptions and limitations. He has been awarded with the prestigious UCT Research Fellowship Award for his doctoral studies. Tobias is the legal lead of Creative Commons South Africa as well as a country lead researcher and one of the Principal Investigators for the African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) project.

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A course for educators in South Africa who want to learn about copyright, open content material and licensing.


This is a course for educators who want to learn about copyright, open content material and licensing.  It focuses on the South African jurisdiction. P2PU offers similar courses for other jurisdictions, so check if there is one for yours. Educators who are not in South Africa are free to sign-up as well, but the examples and legal details will focus on South African law.

The course is taught around practical case studies faced by teachers when using copyright material in their day to day teaching and educational instruction. By answering the case scenarios and drafting and discussing the answers in groups, the participants learn:

  • what copyright protects
  • whether copyright exceptions or blanket licences apply
  • what is an open education resource (OER)
  • what is a creative common licence
  • how OER and CC benefits teaching  

The goals of this course are:

  1. to help you identify copyright issues in education and give you a firm grounding in copyright, exceptions and, licensing
  2. to help you recognise open licences, and find open licence material and apply open licences to resources
  3. to get you thinking, writing, and conversing about how to use  copyright exceptions and open licenses to enable education.