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Social Innovation in Education

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Social Innovation in Education

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Course organiser: Laura White
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My name is Laura White, and I am a undergraduate student at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I am working with a friend and fellow changemaker, Alan Webb, to launch the Changemaker Education Collaborative - an venture that educates, validates, and helps to employ people with social innovaiton capacities. I believe that everyone has the capacity to create social innovaiton, and that certain situations catalyse these abilities in all of us. My hope is that through this course, we will create such situations and come out ready to fundamentally change our local education systems for the better.

In high school, I launched a nonprofit organization called Wild and Water Swimming (now Swim 4 Success) to combat the extraordinarily high drowning rate among minority youth in the US, as well as provide an outlet for character development and career education for the students. The organization still thrives today. I am currently the Project Manager for Ashoka U at Tulane Unviersity, where I lead the student effort to create social entrepreneurship programming on campus. I love kayaking and white water rafting, and I have a wonderful dog named Yogurt.

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What are your innate "megaskills" for social innovation in education?


The purpose of this course is catalyse and refine your innate skills for social change in the context of the current, local education system. We believe that there are three skill types – knowledge, skills, and megaskills. Knowledge is traditionally assessed through tests or formal evaluations. Skills are developed through practice and assessed by demonstration to other people with those skills. Similarly, Megaskills, things like creativity, leadership, and social and emotional intelligence that are necessarily to be a social innovator, are nurtured in the context of social experiences and assessed by inner reflection and peer evaluation.

This course is designed to provide you with context-based learning experiences to hone your megaskills associated with changemaking. We will help you identify what megaskills are most relevant to your interests and how you can use them in solving the world’s social problems.

 By the end of this course, you will have developed a vision for the ideal education system in your community, identified a root cause of a problem in your community’s education system preventing it from reaching your vision, and created a plan of action for addressing this root cause and solving the problem. You will also have developed a portfolio of evidence of your changemaking capacities that can be shared with others, which will include a living transcript of specific changemaking megaskills that you have developed throughout the course and your life.

For more detailed information, please contact Laura White


Hi Laura: If I didn't mention

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Joe Corneli
Tue, 2011-01-11 03:51

Hi Laura: If I didn't mention it to you already, there is quite some overlap with the course Marisa and I will be running: -- I wonder if we can organize some joint meeting or have you as a guest in our course...

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SEO Service
Sat, 2011-03-12 09:27

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My name is Donavan Rene', I'm

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Donavan Rene'
Sun, 2011-03-13 23:10

My name is Donavan Rene', I'm an educator responsible for four (4) schools in Saint Lucia - 3 Primary and one Secondary. I just joint in -- need to be guided through this course since I'm late in starting. My e-mail is: and can be contacted via this medium. Thank much.

Donavan M J. Rene'