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jQuery ~ For the Love of Dollar

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jQuery ~ For the Love of Dollar

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Course organiser: Dan Diebolt
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Dan is an electrical and computer engineer located in Ann Arbor Michigan and holds a BSEE degree from the University of Michigan along with MSEE and MBA degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dan has been using jQuery for the last three years and generally hacking the web since before Al Gore created it.

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Intermediate Level Course Covering jQuery API, Open Source Tools and jQuery Community Resources


jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that simplifies client-side scripting of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) pages using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) based selectors to select, style and manipulate page elements. jQuery additionally offers superb support for DOM traversal, event handling, visual effects, animation, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and much more. With a vibrant community for support, jQuery also has an enormous plugin repository for added functionality and a fantastic user interface library of widgets which can be simply inserted into your web page and easily configured.

This course will use Rebecca Murphey's open source ebook "jQuery Fundamentals" [1] and Ben Nadel's video series entitled "An Intensive Exploration of jQuery" [2] as our primary learning resources. For examples, demos and assignments we will use collaborative tools such as jsfiddle [3] and FireFox browser add-ons such as FireBug [4] and FireBug extensions [5]. Rather than extensively covering every aspect of the jQuery API and plugins, the course will have a emphasis on learning jQuery in a participatory environment using jQuery community resources and free tools such as jsfiddle and FireBug. Although the majority of the course communications will take place through group email, we will attempt to use a conferencing tool such as TalkShoe [6] (participate via dial in or client software) to hold a few live conferences. 

[1] jQuery Fundamentals by Rebecca Murphey

[2] An Intensive Exploration Of jQuery by Ben Nadel

[3] jsFiddle by Piotr Zalewa

[4] FireBug by Joe Hewitt et al

[5] Firebug Extensions

[6] TalkShoe

Learning objectives

The primary objective of the course is to learn basic jQuery usage in a variety of contexts and to introduce the participants to the wealth of jQuery community resources that will allow them to continue learning and using jQuery after the course concludes. The secondary objective of the course is to further grow and contribute to the participatory learning process. As the facilitator of the course I fully expect to learn as much as the other participants and I hope some of the participants will be encouraged to facilitate future courses in the School of WebCraft.



guys, a resource that might

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quinton sheppard
Thu, 2011-01-27 00:56

guys, a resource that might help "" a JavaScript blog very detailed and has helped me in the past. great article on the delete keyword.

Hi Dan I haven't received an

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Thu, 2011-01-27 03:55

Hi Dan

I haven't received an invitation to the google group , know that I am in group 4 though,pls send me an invite, thanks.

Warm Greetings,

Hi Please send me an

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Amene Katanda
Sun, 2011-01-30 12:47

Hi Please send me an invitation to a group. I haven't received any. THanks

Hi, Even I haven't received

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Mayank Singhal
Wed, 2011-02-02 12:55

Even I haven't received the google group invite yet.
Please send me one.