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User Experience Design | ENG PT ESP

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User Experience Design | ENG PT ESP

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Course organiser: João Menezes
About the Course Organiser: 

This course has 2 organisers
João Menezes: I'm a graphic designer based in Brazil. My main focus is Webdesign (user experience and interaction, more specifically). I love researching and working with layouts. You can find me at @joaoamenezes.
Eugenia Ortiz: I'm a designer from Argentina. I'm interested in Systemic, Cybernetic, User Experience, Innovation and Creativity.
You can find more about me at @eugeo

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How to improve human-computer interaction and accessibility using UX and Interaction design principles?



[EN] Welcome to User Experience Design! This course will be run in English, Portuguese and Spanish simultaneously. Please read the "Sign-up Task" for more information about the selection process.
[PT] Bem-vindo a Design de Experiência de Usuário! Este curso será realizado em inglês, português e espanhol simultaneamente. Por favor leia a Tarefa de inscrição para maiores informações sobre o processo seletivo.
[ES] Bienvenidos al Diseño de Experiencia de Usuario! Este curso se llevará a cabo en Inglés, portugués y español simultáneamente. Por favor, lea la "Sign-up task" para obtener más información sobre el proceso de selección.


[EN] This course is focused on exploring basic concepts and definitions of User Experience & Interaction design. Discussions and reading recommendations, together with analytical and practical activities will be used as a methodology. Due to the intrinsic multidisciplinary characteristic of the Design field, all kinds of professionals and students are welcomed. Also, as a recommendation of this semester's Webcraft program, some Accessibility concepts will be discussed.

[PT] Este curso se orienta a explorar conceitos e definições básicas acerca de Design de Experiência de Usuário e Interação. Discussões e recomendações de leitura, junto a atividades analíticas e práticas serão usadas como metodologia. Devido a característica multidisciplinar intrínseca ao Design, todos os profissionais e estudantes são bem-vindos. Também, por recomendação do programa deste semestre da escola de Webcraft, alguns conceitos de Acessibilidade serão discutidos.

[ES] Este curso se orienta a explorar los conceptos básicos y definiciones del diseño de Experiencia de Usuario y de Interacción. Como metodología de aprendizaje se llevarán a cabo debates y recomendaciones de material de lectura, junto a actividades prácticas y analíticas. Debido al carácter multidisciplinar intrínseco del campo de Diseño, son bienvenidos todos los profesionales y estudiantes. A su vez, como recomendación del programa Webcraft de este semestre, se discutirán algunos conceptos de Accesibilidad.

Learning objectives

[EN] Understand how the Design field works and explore User Experience Design concepts. Please refer to the Syllabus to get a more detailed vision of the course topics.

[PT] Entender como o campo de Design trabalha e explorar conceitos de Design de Experiência de Design. Favor ler a Ementa para ter uma visão mais detalhada dos tópicos do curso.

[ES] Entender cómo funciona el campo del Diseño y explorar conceptos de Diseño de Experiencia de Usuario. Por favor, consulte el Programa de estudios para obtener una visión más detallada de los temas del curso.



Hi, My portfolio can be found

Spencer Moorman's picture
Spencer Moorman
Fri, 2011-01-21 18:19

Hi, My portfolio can be found here:, and my resume is available there as well. Hope to be able to get into this class!


Euge Ortiz's picture
Euge Ortiz
Sat, 2011-01-22 00:10

Hi everybody, SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who submitted.
This will be a great course!

I appreciate the opportunity

Rafael França's picture
Rafael França
Wed, 2011-01-26 02:02

I appreciate the opportunity given me to share the course ..

A little about me ..
I live in Teresina, Piauí-Brazil, I am 19, I am a law student, web design and I am just a hobby, but I develop sites since 15 years, but now I'm publishing my work, because until recently, only developed and excluded .. I love what I do ..

I have some published works .. - this site was published in early 2010, developed using HTML + CSS + WordPress, spent four months to design it, only the front end .. - site development using HTML + CSS + WordPress, with only 3 weeks of development and is almost completed .. - site-based email marketing, I created this site for demonstration purposes only, developed in one day ..

Just a little about me .. And I hope that this course will help me understand a little more about UX ..

Even more .. :D

Thank you!! Really beautiful!

Euge Ortiz's picture
Euge Ortiz
Sat, 2011-02-12 00:17

Thank you!! Really beautiful! :)