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About Me

I'm a software engineer from Barcelona, Spain.
I've been working for almost 10 years on private companies related to Urgent Transportation and Logistics as IT Manager, programmer, consultant and board member.
During that time I was doing some freelance jobs and personal projects until 2007, when I join a friend and co-founded Strabinarius, a programmer's studio that allows me to work on my own.
I've been building websites these last years and I've learned a lot about web standards, client&server-side programming, PHP, web development methodologies, php, css and javascript frameworks, Wordpress theming and programming, Drupal theming and programming, Community studies, Semantic web, microformats, web services programming, SEO theory and techniques,...
And a long etcetera including a lots of worthless knowledge that at least allows me to gather a little and during a few seconds my  b i g  p i c t u r e  of the internet phenomena.
The p2pu is a bright spot to learn. A chance to give back some to the Community and to be part of a very satisfying experience.

Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona

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