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About Me

In Brief

I have been creating as far back as I can remember. Always breaking the rules with art and loving it. One of my earliest memories is getting an f on an art project when i was 5. I colored an apple all the wrong colors… and loved it. i didn’t care if an apple was supposed to be red, I colored it the way I saw it and would still color with all the same colors.
I am now 29 and enjoy few things more than I enjoy creating & partnering with others to see their visions from the lord come to life.
I pray that the way I see things are not wasted on selfish ventures, but in all things I would seek to serve others and share the good news of Jesus’ Christ love and power.

Work History

New Song Christian Fellowship

Design Intern | 2004-2007

Lead Designer | 2007-2009

Epic Life Creative

Owner & Creative Director | 2005 – present

Franklin Creative Suite

Co-Owner & Office Director | 2010 – present

Artist Statement
i cannot call something useless.

i see what others call ordinary or broken as mediums for color and texture, that when layered, built up, and cared for, create beauty.

for years people have questioned me as to how i could enjoy having clutter or useless items around me. i did not see scraps, i saw future masterpieces not yet composed.

i enjoy color almost as one would enjoy taste. my day brightens by an array of unexpected hues, beauty exploding from the most unlikely of places.

i simply must create. to not create would be like holding my breath. while context and canvas may change from season to season, one thing is certain, this painter must always paint.

United States

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