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Ruby Sinreich is the founder and editor of OrangePolitics, a progressive multi-author weblog with a vibrant community discussing local issues around her hometown of Chapel Hill, NC. Professionally, she specializes in strategies that connect people to each other, sometimes known as “network-centric advocacy,” “social media,” “Web 2.0,” or “grassroots organizing,” depending upon what type of geek one is.

Ruby is the Director of New Media Strategy at HASTAC, an innovative interdisciplinary project that works to build the field of digital media and learning. She previously served as the Co-Director of Communications at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interfaith organization working for peace and justice through active nonviolence since 1914. Her previous professional experience includes social network analysis, blogger outreach, organizer capacity-building, web site design and development, online communication strategy, and all manner of trainings. Ruby has helped hundreds of progressive nonprofits use technology more effectively in service of their educational, movement-building, and political missions. She has worked with organizations of all sizes and scopes including local women’s centers, statewide advocacy organizations, and national and international institutions such as Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Greenpeace International, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

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