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Scripting 101

Chat log Class 1

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Sat, 2010-09-18 18:45

 == hemanth changed the topic of #p2pu-webcraft/scripting-101 to: Welcome to scripting 101

 <hemanth> Hello hacker, welcome to scripting 101.

 <hemanth> As per the poll we are kicking off with the course now.

 <hemanth> I appreciate you all from sparing your valuable time for this course.

 <hemanth> Totally 32 members were accepted for this course.

 <hemanth> Lets have a small intro

 == hemanth changed the topic of #p2pu-webcraft/scripting-101 to: Who am i?

 <hemanth> So,go ahead and tell each of your peers about yourselves

 <hemanth> Starting with jmuniz

 <@jmuniz> I'm an academic turned minor wordPress guy in New York

 <@jmuniz> I teach philosophy mostly

 <hemanth> That's nice :) Welcome jmuniz

 <@jmuniz> thanks

 <hemanth> next yup is CSSDevMonkey :)

 <CSSDevMonkey> My name is, I am a CSS/HTML dev type, trying to expand my skillset to javascript, Ruby/Rails and PHP.

 <CSSDevMonkey> *Patrick

 <CSSDevMonkey> currently i reside in Alabama

 <hemanth> Nice nick Patrick :)

 <hemanth> next, Laks

 <Laks> Hi I am Java J2EE developer based in London

 <hemanth> Kool, welcome to the course

 <hemanth> now its lifengjie turn

 <hemanth> lifengjie: there?

 <hemanth> okies, lets move on to the next person, its vibha6bhat

 <hemanth> nice, so we know about each other now :)

 <@jmuniz> sweet

 <CSSDevMonkey> :-)

 <adam_collado> hello everybody!

 <hemanth> Hey adam_collado as you joined us now, we are giving intros

 <hemanth> its your turn adam_collado

 <adam_collado> what should the intro consist of?

 <adam_collado> just who am I'm, why I joined the class, etc?

 <hemanth> adam_collado: yes :)

 <adam_collado> okay :)

 <hemanth> A small check on what step are you in the ladder of scripting, which includes coding in bash,py,rb. say 0 if a newbee, 1 if intermediate and 2 if expert

  * hemanth waiting for adam_collado to type his intro

 <adam_collado> so, basically, i'm a computer service tech for a small art school in brooklyn new york. i've been into technology since i was a wee lad. i came to know about p2pu and mozilla webcraft when I attended a mozilla drumbeat that was held in new york. I want to say it was in August.

 <@jmuniz> .5

 <hemanth> nice :)

 <adam_collado> when i learned about the site, I was excited, and got on to check the course listings and such. had a wait for a month for the actual webcraft stuff to pop up :P

 <hemanth> vibha1bhat: you might introduce yourself

 <hemanth> adam_collado: ya, its been a long way :o)

 <adam_collado> yeah xD

 <vibha1bhat> I am a .NET developer from India

 <hemanth> welcome vibha1bhat

 <hemanth> ok guys moving on can u tell the values, like jmuniz did

 <Laks> 1

 <adam_collado> thankfully it did, and luckily this course happened to be offered, because i want to learn more about scripting. in regards to my level, i would say it's it's somewhere between 0 and 1

 <adam_collado> i've worked with python before, and some bash

 <lifengjie> i'm somewhere around 1

 <vibha1bhat> I would say 0.5

 <hemanth> lifengjie: you missed your intro :)

 <CSSDevMonkey> o

 <lifengjie> yeah sorry i got a network error

 <adam_collado> i know enough that i could sit down, read a script, make some adjustments, etc

 <CSSDevMonkey> *0

 <adam_collado> but not enough to be dangerous

 <adam_collado> and i want to be dangerous o.o

 <CSSDevMonkey> *0.5

 <CSSDevMonkey> lol

 <hemanth> adam_collado: then u are > 1 ;)

 <hemanth> CSSDevMonkey: ha ha ok

 <adam_collado> yeah, definitely less then one

 <lifengjie> I'm from Italy, almost bachelor degree in computer science

 <lifengjie> for  my thesis i worked mainly in python

 <CSSDevMonkey> i've looked at some script

 <lifengjie> and some bash script

 <CSSDevMonkey> but i've never dabbled in it

 <hemanth> lifengjie: that's good

 <hemanth> okies now moving on

 == hemanth changed the topic of #p2pu-webcraft/scripting-101 to: What is this all about?!!

 <hemanth> This course as mentioned, will cover Why scripting? Getting Started. The Variables. Conditional Execution. The Loops. Redirections. Pipes and Filters. Traps. Functions. Interactive Scripts.

 <hemanth> for scripting languages listed, that is bash,python,ruby and perl

 <hemanth> So, hope all are on a GNU/Linux machine

 <vibha1bhat> yup

 <lifengjie> i am

 <hemanth> or at-least have a GNU/Linux terminal emulator

 <@jmuniz> yep

 <Laks> yes

 <CSSDevMonkey> Ubuntu on Virtual Box ftw!!!

 <hemanth> some might be on MAC, after all it's free BSD base ;)

 <CSSDevMonkey> lol as we spec i

 <CSSDevMonkey> am building a wordpress theme on my mac

 <hemanth> :)

 <adam_collado> i'm running a win box, but i have ubuntu loaded in virtual box

 <hemanth> I have hosted a piratepad for all you hacker over the could

 <hemanth> before i say about that

 <hemanth> how many of you have a github account ? and i hope u have used git atleast once

 <CSSDevMonkey> i do

 <@jmuniz> I have one

 <adam_collado> i have

 <hemanth> kool

 <hemanth> the link u all need to bookmark is that is the piratepad

 <hemanth> as you can see

 <hemanth> you would have to clone

 <hemanth> or fork it over your github accounts

 <hemanth> All the guys who are there, change ur names from unnamed to your names please

 <hemanth> All editing of the document is instantly visible on the screens of all participating users.

 <hemanth> SourRust: would please introduce yourself to the group :) 

 <SourRust> ah yes... I'm Jeremy

 <SourRust> srry i missed the class today I'm guessing

 <SourRust> over slept

 <hemanth> SourRust: now u have made it bit late, but you made it at the right time :) !

 <SourRust> oh ok cool

 <hemanth> nice, now moving on

 <hemanth> as you all might be seeing the p2pu repo in github

 <hemanth> the tree is also provided in

 <hemanth> the structure has, all the things that will be covered in the course, as mentioned earlier 

 <hemanth> so each folder has a README file to make things more clear

 <Laks> good

 <hemanth> take your time, to fork/clone and read the README and tell me once don, it might take about 5 mins, as it's just a skeleton as of now

 <hemanth> tell me once done, will tell about the next phase

 <lifengjie> i'm done

 <hemanth> nice, i already notice 4 forks and 4 watchers

 <CSSDevMonkey> i'm not a savy github user though i have used it before

 <CSSDevMonkey> i'm trying to clone the repo, but i'm getting an error

 <hemanth> CSSDevMonkey: what error?

 <CSSDevMonkey> pm

 <hemanth> for all those who are very new to this, i suggest you go through

 <@jmuniz> done

 <hemanth> CSSDevMonkey: would you mind sharing it here, cos this log will be shared to the group, rather than a pm

 <CSSDevMonkey> trying to rmember how to pm

 <hemanth> CSSDevMonkey: ha ha, ok, i will pm u

 <SourRust> done

 <hemanth> nice, see for those who had accounts, it was just a click away, lets wait for 3 more mins for those who might be getting there accounts now

 <hemanth> nice, see for those who had accounts, it was just a click away, lets wait for 3 more mins for those who might be getting there accounts now

 <adam_collado> i'm done

 <@jmuniz> haha, cool

 <vibha1bhat> very precise definitions :)

 <hemanth> thanks

 <hemanth> credits to wiki, so in  ""

 <hemanth> people who got there accounts freshly, please look at for now, then you can read

 <hemanth> So, is it fine now to move on? Already ?

 <adam_collado> sure :)

 <SourRust> i guess so

 <@jmuniz> go w/ me

 <@jmuniz> *good

 <hemanth> Okies, nice, now that most of you have forks of the repo with you

 <hemanth> as you would have went through the readmes also

 <hemanth> it would have alluded a lot of things to you all

 <hemanth> to make things more lucid, let me explain the course plan

 == hemanth changed the topic of #p2pu-webcraft/scripting-101 to: Course Plan

 <hemanth> Mentioning again, things that will be covered : Why scripting? Getting Started. The Variables. Conditional Execution. The Loops. Redirections. Pipes and Filters. Traps. Functions. Interactive Scripts.

 <hemanth> So, now the repo, has each of these topics

 <hemanth> you notice, that each topic, contains bash,python,ruby,perl

 <hemanth> So, what is to done ?

 <hemanth> As we proceed, each of you will be adding small code snippets to each of those dir's and once you are done, you will be sending a pull request on new branches of yours

 <hemanth> Why so?

 <hemanth> 0. Clarity

 <hemanth> 1. Makes things easier to maintain, remember, refer, reuse and more

 <hemanth> 2. Learn and Let learn :)

 <hemanth> So, how would the course proceed on the topics mentioned above ?

 <hemanth> Well, on each topic we will have comparative study of each of the languages 

 <hemanth> say for example, if we are doing about loops, all of you will add small codes to each of the languages of your repo

 <hemanth> that would be like how loops work for that language and what you got in the class that day, about loops

 <hemanth> Seems fine?

 <hemanth> Seems fine?

 <CSSDevMonkey_> yup

 <SourRust> yup

 <@jmuniz> Ok. So we work locally then send pull request, right?

 <adam_collado> sounds good to me

 <vibha2bhat> cool

 <hemanth> jmuniz: correct, you work on your branches and send a pull request

 <hemanth> Any queries so far?

 <hemanth> SourRust: you missed to introduce yourself!

 <hemanth> rzo: You also have missed it.

 <hemanth> So please go-ahead and introduce yourselves guys

 <adam_collado> whats the time frame for us on each topic? or will we be working on multiple topics at a time?

 <rzo> sorry for being late guys

 <hemanth> adam_collado: nice question, as i said b4, its like each topic will be covered for all languages for one session, so you guys will fill in the code in a linear way

 <hemanth> rzo: its ok :)

 <adam_collado> okay, i figured it was going to be like that, just wanted to clarify :)

 <Laks> so one session per topic?

 <hemanth> adam_collado: no problem :)

 <adam_collado> that's the only question i have at the moment

 <hemanth> SourRust: you there?

 <SourRust> yup

 <hemanth> SourRust: introduce yourself to the group, please

 <SourRust> Hi im my name is Jeremy

 <CSSDevMonkey_> what do you do Jeremy?

 <hemanth> Laks: yes one session probably!

 <SourRust> im a sophomore in college studying computer science

 <hemanth> SourRust: nice :) welcome to the course

 <SourRust> ty

 <hemanth> rzo: its your turn

 <rzo> Hi, my name is Renso and i live in colombia

 <rzo> i work as a web developer in a digital agency

 <hemanth> Ok :) welcome to the course

 <rzo> thanks

 <hemanth> So, guys with this the first day of the course, that was introduction comes to an end :)

 <rzo> ok

 <rzo> there is a log of this chat?

 <@jmuniz> cool

  * hemanth wow! 1:9 mins

 <hemanth> rzo: thanks for reminding

 <hemanth> Okies, now guys the logs will be shared in the course material section of the course in 2 mins

 <vibha2bhat> ok

 <rzo> nice

 <CSSDevMonkey_> how long will these sessions normally be? so that I can be sure to dedicate the appropriate amount of time for it.

 <hemanth> CSSDevMonkey_: 1hr is the expected time, O(n) may be > 1 but hopefully less than 1.30 :)

 <@jmuniz> great

 <CSSDevMonkey_> okay, sounds good

 <hemanth> O.K hacker, thanks for coming to the class one of the course, so we will be meeting tomorrow are UTC 15:30 as we did today, Happy hacking and GN's,GM's and GE's to you :)

 <@jmuniz> cool.

 <@jmuniz> later everyone

 <SourRust> cya

 <adam_collado> awesome

 <adam_collado> later guys! :D

 <rzo> bye

 <lifengjie> bye!

 <Laks> thanks for today. Ciao

 <hemanth> :)

 <vibha2bhat> Thanks Hemanth; Bye;

 <CSSDevMonkey_> have a good one all