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Adopting Open Textbooks

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Adopting Open Textbooks

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Course organiser: Una Daly
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Una Daly

I am the Associate Director of the College Open Textbook Collaborative and an adjunct instructor at Foothill Community College in Computer Technology.   Our mission is driving Adoptions of Open Textbooks to make education more accessible and empower educators to create and share their work.  We have offered this course in multiple formats before both face-2-face, sychronously online, and on Moodle.  We are very pleased to work with P2PU to make this material available to educators and learners globally.

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Can adopting open educational resources make education more accessible to learners and empower educators to share?


The course is a 3-step process to adopting open textbooks for educators facilitated by the College Open Textbook Collaborative.   The 3 major steps are discovering open educational materials and selecting appropriate ones based on the various criteria; secondly following an adoption process where you work with other stakeholders on your campus including students to promote a best-use model, and finally the third step is sharing your knowledge of discovery and adotion of open educational materials with others in your discipline, campus, or learning community.  The course can also be useful to self-learners or home schoolers who want to find high-quality open educational resources in their area of interest.

We will have weekly discussions on the p2pu course forum about important issues in the course.  We will also have bi-weekly live video conferences to share new discoveries and answer questions.   These conferences wil be archived for those who cannot attend live.

Watch this video to hear more about it.