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Open Governance and Learning

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Open Governance and Learning

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Course organiser: Marisa Ponti
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Marisa Ponti and Joe Corneli

Marisa earned recently her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Gothenburg.  Her research interests include the use of technology to support collaboration in learning and research. In particular, she is interested in studying the potential of Web 2.0 to enhance learning and research, and investigating whether this new concept can be applied to science to make research communities more open (also to other groups not traditionally involved in research, such as professionals), and increase the speed in which new knowledge is created and disseminated.
Oh, in case you wonder what "vi gillar olika" means: it is the campaign by Swedish newspaper against racism and intolerance and means "we like difference".


Joe is Ph. D. student at the Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University.

Milton Keynes


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What are the relationships between open governance, organizational learning and peer-based learning?


The plan for this course is to work together, using various free communication and collaboration tools, to examine the relations between open governance, organizational learning, and peer-based learning, and design another course for P2PU based on what you are learning here!
The plan - in progress -  for the course is based on the outline at
The high-level outline for the course is:

  • Week 1: Shaping the Course Together
  • Week 2: Let’s Clarify the Terms: Governance or Government?
  • Week 3: Let's Start to Examine How Open Governance Works in P2PU.
  • Week 4: Discussion and Integration of Concepts
  • Week 5: Let’s Start to Design a Course for P2PU
  • Week 6: Reflections on the Relations between Open Governance and Peer-Based Learning.

We will benefit from talking with three remarkable guests:

  • Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation
  • Wouter Tebbens - Free Knoweldge Institute
  • Philip Schmidt - P2PU

We will try to meet for live conversations once per week (frequency and exact schedule to be decided by course participants).
We are on Twitter: Open_Governance

Learning objectives

Week 1: Get acquainted with each other and with the course plan. Share personal objectives and expectations.

Week 2: Discuss and critique different definitions of the terms Governance and Government.

Week 3: Summarize in writings thoughts about the mechanisms of open governance in P2PU or another organization of choice.

Week 4: Discuss written comments and integrate the main outcomes of this discussion in a cooperative report.

Week 5: Use the outcomes of the previous week to design a course for P2PU

Week 6: Reflects on learning.



I see I didn't make it for

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Patrick Gibbs
Wed, 2011-01-26 05:36

I see I didn't make it for this round -- I really look forward to seeing the conversations and experiments you produce in this course.

Hello, I added you just now.

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Marisa Ponti
Wed, 2011-01-26 10:04

Hello, I added you just now. Please introduce yourself and let us know if you make it to evening meeting tomorrow evening scheduled at 7:00pm (GMT+1)