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Create+Share Math Interactives

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Create+Share Math Interactives

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Course organiser: Linda Fahlberg-St...
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Linda teaches mathematics and think that it is the most fascinating and beautiful subject in the world. She wants to find ways to teach mathematics that is both engaging and useful.

Although this will be her first p2p experience, she enjoys doing online workshops and webinars. Through mathfuture, she has done online workshops for learning the dynamic math freeware GeoGebra (Elluminate) and through Let’s Learn Together, she has done a webinar on effective methods of integrating technology both for synchronous (in the classroom) and asynchronous (online) learning. She works on the YouTube GeoGebraChannel and has made over 60 high definition captioned videos for this channel on using GeoGebra with tutorials, math challenges, tips,... Mostly she enjoys networking with teachers and students and working together with classroom teachers from across the globe taking their fantastic ideas/applets mostly from GeoGebra and developing and publishing them as free applet activities.

She has 2 giant lazy dogs Nuki and Lucy and does jigsaw puzzles.

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Rapid Development and Sharing of Interactives (GeoGebra, Screencasts,


"Create and Share Math Interactives" is a course aimed at anyone who ever had a question about math and wants to explore and answer the question in a visual and then AV format. For example: What is the largest triangle that I can get inside a circle? See: We will learn and use the free and excellent math software GeoGebra, we will learn and make screencasts using the freeware Jing and we will post our coursework on a free Wikispaces website and our resulting interactives on the Models for Math site

Learning objectives

  • One aim of this course is to both explore math topics that interest us by creating and using interactives and see how this exploring changes our perspective of mathematics. We will learn to use GeoGebra, which is incredibly intuitive and yet dynamic and powerful. We will choose questions that interest us and then make quick interactives that help us explore. We are not after the polished look, but rather the experience of learn-and-share understanding with our peers.
  • Another aim of this course will be to learn to create screencasts and/or videos to explain ourselves, our questions, our learning, even our confusion – every part of the experience and to discuss how this method of communication can truly enhance our understanding.



I also have many of the same

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Cathy Hager
Wed, 2011-01-12 15:54

I also have many of the same views that you also have. I am struggling in the classroom with students lack of interest and remembering what they have been taught from one day to the next and hope that this course will help. Thanks Cathy Also how will I know if I am enrolled in this class.

So great to have you. I will

Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska's picture
Linda Fahlberg-St...
Thu, 2011-01-13 10:18

So great to have you. I will find out about enrollment and get back to you. Linda

I understand that I am now

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Cathy Hager
Thu, 2011-01-13 15:07

I understand that I am now enrolled in the course. Will an email be sent everytime that something goes on in the course? I hope I don't forget that I am enrolled, so I will need reminders because life gets busy. Excited to see what you have to offer and what I will be able to use in class. Our courses are packed so I hope that I will be able to use what I learn as supplements that make sense in class. Cathy

My brain is rotting. I need

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Ikem Nzeribe
Wed, 2011-01-19 04:19

My brain is rotting. I need to do this.