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Moebius noodles: Rich math for families

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Moebius noodles: Rich math for families

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Course organiser: Maria Droujkova
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Yelena McManaman

Yelena McManaman

My son is four and he loves science and math. I help people and companies communicate their ideas. I develop early childhood activities and write for parents and educators.

Dr. Maria Droujkova

My daughter is twelve; we have always done a lot of fun math together. I design, develop and write about learning experiences for anyone from babies to researchers. I started several online educational communities, including the Natural Math network and the Math 2.0 Interest Group. I like to read science fiction, play MMO games, do climbing and parkour, and draw fantasy creatures.

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Math is more than counting! What can your preschooler do with symmetry, fractals, patterns and more in 5-10 minutes of fun games?


Young children are naturally drawn to harmony, balance and order. They are naturally drawn to math, the math that goes beyond counting and simple arithmetic. Math is beautiful and fun and it all starts early on with a few simple games.

This is what this course is about - quick, simple and fun games that parents can play with kids to explore math.

Every weekday for the next 4 weeks you will see

  • a new math activity to try with your child that takes virtually no time to prepare
  • a math concept behind it
  • how to adapt it for children of different ages, from infants to elementary school students
  • variations to keep it interesting for children with various learning styles - and for parents!

Once a week you will have an opportunity to join us and other parents in live webinars to learn more about teaching math to your child naturally, and to share your stories.

You can also share your ideas, photos, and stories by e-mailing the group, uploading picture to Flickr, or joining the Moebius Noodles Facebook group.

Vi Hart Polyhedra Balloons
Photo: Vi Hart with balloon polyhedra

Learning objectives

  • Lead math games
  • Help kids see fundamentals of mathematics early on
  • Help other parents by sharing your ideas and pictures



All course activities happen

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Maria Droujkova
Sat, 2011-05-07 02:31

All course activities happen by email. To join, think of one question about doing mathematics with your child. Email it to Maria Droujkova: