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Multiplication Models Seminar

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Multiplication Models Seminar

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Course organiser: Maria Droujkova
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Steve Thomas

Mr. Steve
I teach and develop educational software for kids and teachers.  I studied Mathematics Education with Robert B. Davis.  I am a member of the Etoys Education Committee.  Etoys is an free educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways. My main blog is Mr. Steve's Science

Dr. Maria Droujkova

I design, develop and write about learning experiences for anyone from babies to researchers. I started several online educational communities, including the Natural Math network and the Math 2.0 Interest Group.

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What interactive models of multiplication are most useful, meaningful, beautiful or fun?


The goal of this course is to aggregate a curated, reviewed collection of interactive multiplication models. Some of the communities and projects involved in this include Natural Math, Etoys, Illuminations, The Mathman, and SubQuan.


Learning objectives

  • Identify existing OERs (Open Educational Resources) for multiplication models
  • Aggregate and review materials
  • Determine categories for sorting and tagging models
  • Identify needs for development and invite OER communities to develop materials