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Barbara Icaza

Barbara Icaza

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About Me

  I am mexican, I live in Mexico City. Since the day I majored in International Relations, I’ve been involved in various environmental projects related  with air quality, in which I’ve carried out different roles as research assistant, national expert and Project manager, always showing enthusiasm, interest and commitment to the issues on the table.
Constantly I am looking forward to analyzed how a different aspects contributed in the environmental damage, these reflection lead my self to postulate a diverse approaches that can contribute in positive mode in the everyday life, such as: energy efficiency, resource management, sustainable mobility.
Having a firm belief that these issues can influence in a change of attitude, I created a company that provides services and products for green construction (green technology as solar heaters, photovoltaic cells, thermal solution). This work has allowed me to be continually updated in the follow aspects: green legislation, green certificates, ecolabelling, and green branding; helping my clients to understand how their purchase  choices represent an economic and environmental benefit. 
At he same time I’m the co-founding member of a civil organization called Camina Más (Walk more), which is an urban/environmental initiative that focuses on generating a lifestyle changing attitude through walking. Its objective is to stimulate the walking experience for the pedestrian in order to: become more conscious about how each step contributes to the improvement  of the current environmental conditions, and become interested in getting to know the city and beauties that it hides.
I am aware  that the current context of  world forces us to seek and achive a a more sustentaible  lifestyle

Mexico City

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