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About Me

My name is J Henderson and my passion is Interaction Design and Web Video Production. I love to research design, implement functional, semantic user interfaces for websites. I also have a secret passion for hip hop dancing too! I am taking a fond interest in HTML5, CSS3, open sourced Geo Location based programming and php. I love this initiative and hope to contribute a bit more during my learning here. Now I shall explain more about me personally:

Growing up creativity along with curiosity consumed my everyday life in Haynesville, Louisiana. My life was quite simple and boring at times so I used my imagination and ADHD to explore new possibilities with a pencil and notepad.

When I was younger I started drawing creating unique storyboards, comics, and colorful sketches. My family took notice to my thirst for creativity and enrolled me into the Junior High Art Program in school to help guide my development. As technology started to expand into video games, motion pictures, and digital content my love for digital media grew enormously.

Interaction Design as a profession creates and sustains meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond. I love helping people and problem solving with RESEARCH, DESIGN, and IMPLEMENTATION.


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