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About Me

I live in the United States and have traveled across many parts of Europe and most of the southern 3/4 of Japan.  My father, a Librarian of 30+ years, programmed computers in college using punch cards and waiting all night to verify if a formula was entered correctly, and shared his interest of computers with me.  Since I was very young, I have been fascinated with the computer as not only a device for entertainment but also as a completely malleable tool for communication.

My mother, a Registered Nurse working at a pediatrician's office, taught me the value of caring for and easing of others' pain or misfortune.

I enjoy playing video games online with my friends, watching movies, listening to music, and reading fantasy and Sci-fi novels.  While I was growing up I dreamed of becoming a video game programmer, and then later changed to role of designer.  As the seedy underbelly of the game industry has come to light, I am changing my focus to online application development and systems usability and interface design.


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