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Delia Browne

Delia Browne

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 Delia Browne

 Delia is the National Copyright Director ,Copyright Advisory Group of Australian Schools and Technical and Further Education Institutes(TAFEs).  Delia is an extremely experienced intellectual property lawyer. In her current role, Delia manages the National Copyright Unit which provides specialist copyright advice to  the education sector  and conducts negotiations with collecting societies on behalf of schools and TAFE institutes. Prior to her current role,  Delia worked at  law firm  Minter Ellison providing specialist copyright advice to the education and media/entertainment sectors .

Delia has considerable experience in law reform and  advocacy.  In her role as the Executive Director of the Arts Law Centre of Australia (1996 – 2002), she was instrumental in achieving significant legislative reforms such as the introduction of moral rights for creators in the Copyright Act and new tax rulings providing fairer tax treatment for arts professionals.   In 2005- 2007, Delia led the education sector in its  advocacy efforts for copyright law review. This resulted in the introduction of new educational exceptions into Australia's Copyright Act including the new flexible dealing exception.

Delia is a strong advocate of the open education movement and has actively participated in several international meetings and projects on promoting open resources, technology and teaching practices in education. Delia  works  closely with Creative Commons Australia  and Creative Commons  in promoting open education in Australia.

She has taught undergraduate and masters in Australia and NZ on copyright, information technology and communications law, contract law and entertainment law.



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Delia is a co-founder, co-conspirator, and great friend. She has been involved in P2PU from the early days, and she was the Uber Facilitator at our Berlin Workshop. She is also a lawyer, although that's hard to believe sometimes. She's got style!