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About Me

I am working on the side as a Drupal developer, gradually increasing my skill level so I can fly on my own.  I originally started with Microsoft VB.Net and did not like the atmosphere of the programmers or the marketing aims.  I switched to open-source as a vehicle for bringing my ideas for other people's websites to fruition because I embrace the principles and atmosphere of the community. Drupal, in particular, is a fun - interactive - exciting - intelligent - growing community that I am grateful to be a part of. I practice qigong, embrace permaculture, ride my bicycle almost everywhere and am always learning and growing in ways I never thought I would or could.

I have some experience with Drupal under my belt but always consider myself new and seek to reinforce everything I think I know with all the new learning opportunities as they present themselves. Thank you for this course.

I am able to help with some areas within the forums.

James R
Lakewood, OH
United States

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