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 Depending on my mood which is usually always uniformly good, I believe, life rocks!
When I don’t feel so cheery, red lights beep on my forehead. Sublimely happy, all knowing, Harry Potter reading 18 at heart 32 year old who secretly believes that she is a garden gnome deep down and behaves quite like much. I also masquerade as a reporter for a 135 year old newspaper (The Hindu, Chennai, India) and do an excellent job of being objective and all that shit they taught us in j’school. Concocting stories looking for tales where there none so that we can fill up those sheets of paper makes me call myself a chef. Any sure fire recipes for super stories, anyone? Actually I should have been an actress considering that no one hoodwinks the boss better than me where looking busy is concerned. An interest in the issues of bonded labour and human slavery happened quite by chance while covering the Gujrat riots. Some mentioned that children affected by conflict and violence usually become victims of trafficking is not rehabilitated in time. This got me thinking and that led lost of explorations. Today I write about the effects of bonded labour and slavery on children and young people. I wait for the day when these issues are something we study about only in history books.

Austin, Texas

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