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About Me

I took my first programming class at 7, learning BASIC on an Apple ][. I taught myself Lotus 1-2-3 on an 8086 Dos 2 machine and then barely touched another computer until I got to college and fell in love with the Macintosh (system 7), and shortly after that - the internet. I still remember the first web page I saw was a tarot card reading page displayed in Mosaic.

Since then, I've built e-commerce websites, worked as a system administrator, webmaster, DBA and web application developer. Currently, I'm the User Interface expert for a large telecommunications tool which aggregates and reports on internet traffic and allows network administrators to mitigate denial of service attacks.

I often find systems in my daily life (both software and real-world) which have serious usability problems. I'm also frustrated by explanations which don't help, or get in the way of the reader from understanding.

I've attempted to balance my technical career by cultivating a hobby in photography, film studies, and reading/speaking french.


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