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Django & Javascript for subtitling video

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Django & Javascript for subtitling video

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Course organiser: Holmes Wilson
About the Course Organiser: 

My name's Holmes Wilson.  I'm a founder of Participatory Culture Foundation, and I'm the product manager on Universal Subtitles, a non-profit, free software effort to tear down language barriers and make the web more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

We're making a site and widget that lets you subtitle any video and solicit translation help from others.  Anyone can add new subtitles and translations to a video, wiki style.  Thousands of videos have already been submitted.

We're a drumbeat project ourselves, and we want to participate in and support other drumbeat projects (P2PU and School of Webcraft). 

We're also an open source project that's looking for volunteers, so having new people coming in and kicking the tires on our documentation and ease-of-entry is helpful to us...and if we can find a few long term volunteers, that would be awesome.  

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Want to improve your knowledge of Django and JavaScript on Universal Subtitles, an open source project to subtitle the world's videos?


This course offers web developers an opportunity to improve their knowledge of web development in Django and JavaScript, by participating in a non-profit, free and open source project that's creating a space for collaboratively subtitling the world's videos: Universal Subtitles

Participants will be stepping into the middle of a development process with a 6 person team that's building: 1) a Django community site for collaboratively subtitling video and 2) a javascript widget for adding subtitles and translations to videos, based on Google Closure.   

You will work with us to choose tickets that offer the right level of challenge and/or require knowledge you'd like to acquire.  We can offer you pointers as you take on these tickets (e.g. links to resources, keywords to google, or an outline of how we'd approach the problem) and you can accompany your commits through our QA process and release to the production site.

The successful work you do in this course will benefit a non-profit free software project working to break down language barriers and make the internet more open and accessible.  The site is already home to hundreds of translations and thousands of submitted videos seeking translation, it's maintained by the non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation, and all code is available under an AGPL free software license.

Course meeting will take place asynchronously on a google group, to be created when we have a group of successful applicants, and on our main development list.

Learning objectives

The objective is to give developers an opportunity to improve their knowledge of Django or Javascript, with a self-guided approach in a real-world setting.  You will have the choice of focusing on Django, JavaScript, or both. 



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