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Drupal Social Web Application

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Drupal Social Web Application

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Course organiser: Nicholas Wang
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Worked in internet industry since 1999 at and Yahoo!, left Yahoo! in 2007 and wanted to do something more meaningful with my life.  Started working for in 2009.  CUUSOO's system allows anyone with an idea to make it into a real product, all one needs is to find 1000 followers!  I believe this system, if scaled to mass production level, can give manufacturers foresights into the future market demand, which in turn could minimize the risk of producing wasteful products that nobody wants!  The problem is, CUUSOO is a 12 years old company, and our system is kinda old.  I'm now orchestrating the development of this next generation system, openly.

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Learn to use Drupal to build a social web app that lets users collaborate on projects and ideas. #webcraft #p2pu


A thread about Open Hippel was started on back in April 2010 -

Course summary also on

Open Hippel is basically a Social Web App that allows anyone to form groups around their interests. It'll have tools to help people make decisions as a group, set criteria and milestones, and also have personal profile and history so people with skills can be connected with people needed those skills.

So far, TEDxTokyo Innovators Hub and K. International School are two of our biggest supporters, and Keio University had made it an official school project, which means students can be credited for working on it!

My plan is to open the development of this Open Hippel platform up as a course. We'll have hands on development classes, (we need some Drupal gurus from Acquia to help out on this!) The course work will be documented and with the help of Keio students, translated into Japanese. By the end of the course, the whole "book" will be available online under CC license.

In learning, it is far better to have a project that is real and has impact on the real world! Just like Stanford's project on Extreme Affordability products, students are far more engaged when they're working on real world projects. I think Open Hippel can similarly be that engaging project at P2PU.



Nicholas, I have arrived late

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Punjabi Singh
Wed, 2010-09-22 00:54

Nicholas, I have arrived late to the party, is there any chance I can get in? I have exposure to both git and drupal(open publish and atrium) and was on my way to develop something similar to Open Hippel. Doing it in the shadow of people smarter than me would be just great.