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Introduction to Contributing to Lernanta

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Introduction to Contributing to Lernanta

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Course organiser: Jessica Ledbetter
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I'm a Java web application developer, active in the open source operating system Ubuntu's community, and want to contribute code to an open source project. What better way than to do it with the new platform that will be P2PU? 

I'm not a Python expert, but have gotten Python and Django running locally (Ubuntu) at home. I also have experience with the versioning system git which Lernata uses. I have also taken a few courses at P2PU.

We, in study group style, will learn together how to successfully contribute as developers to Lernanta!

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Learn how to contribute to the open source project that powers the new #P2PU. #opensource #python #django


This is an introduction to contributing to the open source platform that P2PU runs on: Lernanta. Lernanta is based on (also referred to as a fork of) Mozilla's Batucada project and is a Python/Django web application whose code is on GitHub.

We'll walk through the whole process together from getting the code, running it locally, finding a bug to fix, fixing the bug, and contributing the fix to the Lernanta project.

This activity will be occuring on the new P2PU site:

Please sign up or follow there!

Learning objectives

First Draft (3/31/2011) 
  • Setup Environment
  • Setup versioning (git), sign up for & get a copy (fork) the code & sign up for the bug tracker (Lighthouse)
  • Grab the forked code and run Lernata locally and do more (as necessary) environment tweaks
  • Test by making a change locally & seeing it locally
  • Learn how to and practice using git to commit and track changes/experimentations
  • Learn how to and practice using git to recover from experimentations
  • Together, figure out what bug to squish and how to fix that bug including updating the bug on Lighthouse
  • Commit the changes to the project with a pull request