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Learn Python the Hard Way

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Learn Python the Hard Way

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Course organiser: M. Volz
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Hi!  My name is Marielle.  I'm actually a biologist by training, but I initially took programming classes in school for fun.  Then as I started working in my field, I could do a lot of things my colleagues could not.  

I realized how useful programming was, and today I firmly believe that programming should be taught right alongside English and math in early education.  Programming is only going to become more and more essential even in traditionally non-technical fields.  I've taught programming to 7th graders and biology to college undergraduates, so I'm looking forward to "teaching" to my peers!

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This course closely follows Zed Shaw's "Learn Python the Hard Way" book, and is designed for new or inexperienced programmers.


This course is an introduction to programming for the complete beginner.  If you already can code in another language, this course will probably drive you insane, because it is extremely basic.  The text for the course is Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw and is available for download for free.

This course will be primarily meeting on the forums.  After joining the course you will be added to the group.  Then you will be able to post messages to the group either by going to the group link and posting to the forums, or by e-mail.

Learning objectives

The objective of this course is to empower you to be lazy!  Seems crazy, right?  But programming allows you to delegate monotonous tasks to computers. All you need to do is learn their language to get them to do all your work for you.  In this course, that language is python.  



Someone in Madrid, Spain? or

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Fri, 2011-01-28 14:56

Someone in Madrid, Spain? or speak Spanish?

Nice course!

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Liang Feng
Wed, 2011-03-02 15:08

Nice course!