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Hi there, MediaWiki course uploading now :::::::::: : : :) 

My name is Enric, and I'm here with Toni starting this learning adventure at the P2PU. We both like to work and play with MediaWiki, and hope we had a goood time here and learn lots among you all.

A little bit about myself and my story with wikis: I studied Linguistics at the Uni of Barcelona, then did my PHD courses at the Open Uni of Catalonia and at some point I decided I didn't want to be a Doctor anyway. My first experience with wikis was around 2001 as a volunteer in Indymedia barcelona, when we started editing articles with TikiWiki

What about you? I would like to know a little bit more about: 

Enric Senabre Hidalgo's picture
Enric Senabre Hid...
Wed, 2011-01-26 11:54


I sent the message before finishing it! :( Now I think I see how this forum works :)

...just add that I moved from TikiWiki to several other wiki softwares. I started to use them for research and work, and once I started to edit Wikipedia and to use MediaWiki (and play with it and its extensions) I found like a new world full of possibilities...

What I would like to read from you in this message thread is:
- a little bit about your background,
- what's your experience until now with wikis and/or Wikipedia
- why are you interested in the course.

Ah!, and please upload a picture of you to your profile before posting (if you haven't done it yet). We're going to have 6 intense weeks of feedback here and that will facilitate and make things more "human".

In the next messages I'll talk about what the general plan for the course is (a proposal for how to work here with our learning goals) and about this first week of activity.

Now, what about you there? :)


Jeff Weber's picture
Jeff Weber
Wed, 2011-01-26 15:37

Greetings fellow learners-
My name is Jeff, and I live in Central Pennsylvania, USA. We are on GMT -5.00, in other words, the same as New York City.

My background is varied. For a long time, pre-internet, I was in the money management field, working for bank trust departments. Always with a strong interest in computers, I started an info tech company in the early 1990's, when the internet started to become popular. Today (after eliminating the annoying elements of your own business - namely employees and customers) I spend most of my time developing online applications.

I have little experience with wikis, mostly as a user. But my passion for learning has led me to explore wikis as a possible repository for organizing my research, notes, etc. So rather than use it as a social oriented tool, I'll look to use it as a personal productivity tool. Toward that goal, I've used OneNote, EverNote, Zotero and others, but none provide a comprehensive solution.

Glad to be here, and look forward to the interaction.

Best regards,
Jeff Weber

nada A.S's picture
nada A.S
Wed, 2011-01-26 16:12

Hello every one,

My name is Nada,I'm from Yemen.Our timezone is (GMT+3).

I have been working as an instructor in Hodeidah university since 2007,besides i am engaged in a few plans of online studies .

Regarding to Wikis , i don't have a real experiance with it ,Wikipedia is a great open online library and i use it mostly ,in fact not in all cases.I have played with other online tools such as some CMS and social networks .

I would like to know about media wiki ,first to discover it's features, and find out how it can serve to build an online learning system .

Excited to know and understand deeply -Media wiki.

Good luck ,

Jared Brandt's picture
Jared Brandt
Wed, 2011-01-26 16:53

Hello! My name is Jared and I am from Regina, Canada. Our timezone here is GMT-6, and we don't observe daylight savings time here!

My background is that I am currently in my fifth year of university studying education. I plan to graduate with two degrees, a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science with majors in Mathematics in both faculties.

I plan to later complete my Masters of Education in the field of Curriculum and Instruction.

I am an advocate for technology in the classroom and am disappointed to see the maintenance of NO TECHNOLOGY, from calculators to cell phones to computers.

Recently I have been studying using Wikispaces (a great free wiki resource) in the classroom as a tool for collaboration, but I would like to step into a system that is more customizable and controllable. Hence, MediaWiki!

I am quite familiar with lots of the simple building blocks of programming, as I have been building web applications for some time. Wikis are fairly new to me, and I am interested to learn!

A L's picture
Wed, 2011-01-26 17:21

Hello, My Name is Arch and I live in Los Angeles, California, USA. The timezone is GMT - 8.

Some background: Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. I write codes, administered systems, and built websites. Currently employed at a Content Delivery Network.

I've installed MediaWiki a few months ago and have played around with it. The installation was relatively simpler than most open source server software. Adding simple wiki articles was the extent of my experience. What I like to learn more is to be able to utilize as much functionalities and features as much as possible. I also would like to gain a deeper understanding of how MediaWiki works and be able to take any proactive measures to secure it.

Jim Roma's picture
Jim Roma
Wed, 2011-01-26 17:40

My name is Jim and I live in New York, the time zone is GMT -5.00.
I work for a theatre company and am setting up a wiki to store technical documentation.

Toni Sant's picture
Toni Sant
Wed, 2011-01-26 19:42


My name is Toni. I'm not the Toni referred to in Enric's introduction. Catalan names are obviously spread all over the world. I live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire -- that's a seaside town in the north of England, so I'm on GMT.

I discovered MediaWiki through using the various projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and last year established my own installation (with help from a work colleague) for the Malta Music Memory Project, which you can find at

I have a PhD in Performance Studies from New York University and presently work as Director of Research for the School of Arts and New Media of the University of Hull, which is on the Scarborough Campus.

My first experience with wikis other than MediaWiki was on PBwiki, about six years ago when I created a silly wiki with some friends just to explore.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this course with Enric (and the other Toni) to learn how MediaWiki really works behind the scenes. I'm comfortable enough with web installations...most recently I installed several WordPress websites, including the one for my personal website at

Joshua Thomas's picture
Joshua Thomas
Wed, 2011-01-26 19:55

Greetings! I'm Josh, a systems engineer by day and a web design/development newbie by night. In terms of CMSs I've worked mostly with Joomla, but I've also been interested in WordPress (my own blog is hosted there and Drupal. My key interests also include community management which would entail having a place for members to store, review and comment on meaningful content. Right now, I'm focusing on a project for work which is aimed at accomplishing same.

I look forward to working with all of you.


Janusz Gesicki's picture
Janusz Gesicki
Wed, 2011-01-26 23:40

Hello there!
i'm Janusz, from Poland (GMT+1) finished Poznan University of Technology with master degree environmental engineer running my own design office. I'm working with web technologies as a good hobby, haven't had any background with MediaWiki besides well known Wikipedia. Next week i'm going for short holidays, so gonna be absent for our class:-(

G Wright's picture
G Wright
Thu, 2011-01-27 04:28

Hello all,

I'm Graham, living in Toronto, Canada. The timezone is GMT -5.00.

I work for the City of Toronto and am looking for a way to effectively share project status information and client notes between two offices in my division.

My educational background is in liberal arts but I keep finding myself dabbling with various I.T. projects to improve some process that I don't think works very well in its current form.

My interest in MediaWiki is mostly as a vehicle to capture and structure individual knowledge. Often, the departure of an individual from an organization also means the departure of hard-earned (and undocumented) "metadata" gleaned through their experience. The absence of this information makes it more difficult for a replacement to come in and get up-to-speed / functional quickly. I've learned this the hard way a couple of times now where a key member of a project departs right after it begins, leaving the rest of us scrambling around to pick up the pieces.

In the end, I'm hoping to learn more about tools and techniques that help overcome this loss of knowledge. All suggestions and ideas are welcomed and appreciated.


Brenno Costa's picture
Brenno Costa
Thu, 2011-01-27 05:22

I'm Brenno Costa, live in Natal, Brasil (GMT -3). So... I've 21 years old, am in the last year of Engineer of Materials in Federal University from Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), and i make a web development technical course.
I have been worked in past four years with Information Technology, first time with technical support, second time with System Operation and now with Web Development.
I stay tuned in the P2PU through of the Mozilla Webcraft, and i seemed very interesting, and how i was having some problems with documentation in my first applications, and cause that i decided make this course.
Actually i've a reasonable knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, and i'll use this to, perhaps to make my own extensions to share with the community. I've an addict desire to learn new things!!!

Good Learning for all.
(Excuse my poor English)

ozzie sutcliffe's picture
ozzie sutcliffe
Thu, 2011-01-27 14:24

Ozzie Sutcliffe

ITSM / ITIL Consultant.. I help your network work ..

I work with an application that uses Wiki media for the core Knowledge Base.
Now I am facilitating a JavaScript course here and I wanted to capture as much info as possible.

Jason Nyquist's picture
Jason Nyquist
Thu, 2011-01-27 16:29

I'm an educator in Japan (GMT+9); new to scripting/programming but with a creative insatiability, I am working on a site that will be richly collaborative/educational in nature.

I am especially looking forward to week 5 and the semantic web and any conversations going deep into the potentialities of the the tool that MediaWiki could be and how to make it so.


Toni Hermoso Pulido's picture
Toni Hermoso Pulido
Thu, 2011-01-27 20:11

Hi all,

this is Toni Hermoso, from Barcelona (GMT+1). Enric has already introduced me at the beginning.
Cool to see another Toni with 'i' spelling :)

As you can follow from my profile, I have worked in different customizations of MediaWiki.

I'll be happy helping you to start exploring MediaWiki possibilities with Enric.

RJ Johnson's picture
RJ Johnson
Thu, 2011-01-27 22:05

This is RJ Johnson from Florida, USA (GMT -5). I have a technical background in database development in RBase and MS Access. I also have an undergrad in computer science. But, about 16 years ago I fell in love with facilitating soft skills events. My interests now are appreciative inquiry and other collaborative methods which I blog about at My current goal is to use MediaWiki to gather information from rotating "tables" of participants during an online World Cafe. I prefer the ease of use of Wikispaces, but need the multi-use edit capabililties of MediaWiki. I don't have any MW experience yet other than trying unsuccessfully to set up a farm on my server. My overwhelming passion is facilitating great learning environments for others and I am just starting to explore gaming and Second Life.
Best regards,
RJ Johnson

Jaime Capelo's picture
Jaime Capelo
Fri, 2011-01-28 04:16

Hello all,
This is Jaime Capelo, living in Mexico City. Interactions designer, been working on web design and web development for the past 5 years. Always looking to learn and this is something I want to see how it works.

David Palomar's picture
David Palomar
Fri, 2011-01-28 13:40

Hello everybody, my name is David Palomar, from Spain, and I am Lecturer at the University.
I have used wikis for students, but I think that don't take the full advantage and I'd like to learn more.

Ona Sumner's picture
Ona Sumner
Fri, 2011-01-28 18:13

Hi all,
This is Ona Sumner, living in Manchester, UK at the moment and working for the School of Computer Science at Manchester University. I don't have a technical background (my degree was in philosophy!) but I'm currently working on an outreach project using wikis as a pedagogical tool and am interested in finding out more on the technical side of things. Looking forward to getting started.


Michael Paulukonis's picture
Michael Paulukonis
Tue, 2011-02-15 04:23

Oh boy, am I ever late to the party!

I'm Michael Paulukonis -- I've installed PmWiki both at work, and for a couple of personal sites. I'd been wanting to work with some more engines for comparison -- particularly MediaWiki -- when this course came up. And then I started a new job in another state. So, I've been a bit behind....

I like PmWiki because it is easy to install, doesn't need a database, had a good support and extension community. I use it render my site -- not taking advantage of the community tools a wiki can offer, but taking advantage of the online, revertible-changes tools it offers. I like how the wiki can let me jot brief brief ideas or links, and come back to them hours, months or years later to flesh out their skeleton, or shore up more fragments amidst their ruin. And because it's all online, I can edit from home, from work, from the library, or on-the-road.