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In this message I'll try to summarize what I think is a good plan we can follow, during the next 6 weeks, in order to learn about MediaWiki, and also have one ready for each of our purposes at the end of this (intense) journey: 
:: Weekly structure:
Each week we have a topic (about MediaWiki) and an objective (something practical we have to do about it). You can check each weeks contents in the course home here: 
Course weeks start on Wednesdays (with more detailed instructions) and finish the following Tuesday (with final checking and feedback), so we have weekends in the middle for more intense work if needed. 
:: Communication:
Rather than having to coincide all of us in time (we're in different parts of the world, and multiple synchronous conversations are hard to handle anyway :) we should use mainly this forum as our main communication channel. However, me and/or Toni would be connected through the course chat, when possible, for urgent questions or assessment. So check there whenever you come to the P2P homepage...
I'm also studying a good time slot considering your time zones (as you mention them in the presentations), so we can define a couple of weekly office hours.
:: Who does what:
We can all teach and learn here! If you find a cool resource or think I'm missing something please say so, or edit the course pages directly where possible. I'll try to mark a rhythm and chase/help when possible, but rather than teach I would like to facilitate things.
Try to follow each week discussion and objectives, but also feel free to investigate by your own (like Jim is doing now with autocompleting features) and then come back with your discoveries or opinion.
Later on, at some points, I think it would be great if we can work "in tandem", so for checking things and having feedback we depend on each other being a real user in our wiki. We'll see...
Wow, sorry, what summary! :p How do you see it? In another message then I write about this week's action!
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Enric Senabre Hid...
Thu, 2011-02-10 21:02

I owe you a message about synchronization here, for when to have chat meetings coinciding in time, for real-time problem resolution and questions. But honestly considering all our timezones (GMT 0, +1, +3, +9, -3, -5, -6, -8) I don't see a clear moment to do it without letting someone aside.

Instead, now that we're entering the most technical part (and until the end of the course) I will try to be connected to the course chat every Monday from 10pm to 11pm and Thursday from 6:30am to 7:30am (GMT+1).

However, please try to do the same and connect to the course chat when you're working on your wikis, ok? Me or Toni or someone else may be there to help you...