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Solve Anything! Building Ideas through Design - Mar 2010

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Solve Anything! Building Ideas through Design - Mar 2010

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Course organiser: Vivek Rao
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This course is a team-based creative lab, and we will explore and experiment with two questions: what makes ideas successful? How does one develop an idea in response to a problem, and then nurture it into a product, service, or experience?

In this six-week course, we turn to design thinking - here meaning a creative, user-centric but systemic approach to problem solving - to answer these questions. 

We'll cover some basics about new product development and look at case studies of successful and unsuccessful ideas to understand why they ended up with the fate they did. Most importantly, class participants will identify and submit community problems that can be tackled through design. As a group, we will select problems that are most addressable in the context of a six weeks. Then, we'll learn and practice creative, user-centric, hands-on methods - think brainstorming, ethnographic user research, and prototyping - to quickly generate, validate, and ultimately build solutions to our chosen problems. Along the way, we'll learn about framing problems for better solutions, managing the creative process, and innovating in teams remotely. 

Ultimately, we'll end up with prototyped solutions and a recipe for further action to our chosen problems. An added outcome will be confidence that with applied creativity, systems thinking, and teamwork anything can be solved through design.


Feedback on your course

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Philipp Schmidt
Thu, 2010-02-18 22:29

Hey Vivek:

The course looks great. I especially like the sign up assignments you chose. I believe they will ensure that participants start thinking about the course from a very personal perspective right from the start. Which, I think is important to make the project focus work. I also like that you start with a "problem" - it's a great way to get people thinking about the course even before it starts.

I think the main challenge will be to implement group work if participants are working on very different problems (but I don't know enough about the design thinking approach - maybe this is not an issue at all). Are you planning to create teams, or have participants self-select into teams?

Very exciting course!!!

Thanks Philipp! I agree,

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Vivek Rao
Tue, 2010-02-23 18:15

Thanks Philipp! I agree, group work is going to be a challenge and I'm looking at a variety of online tools to make this doable.

As for projects, I see a maximum of one or two in the class, with teams of four people targeting each. I'll float between them as an advisor. The first week of the course, we'll downselect from the pool of problems to choose what's most relevant for a six-week course.

This will still have issues of asynchronous work, but at least there'll be more focus and a common thread for the class.


Great course

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Jima Ngei
Sun, 2010-03-14 09:07


Am real sorry I couldnt meet up for the sign up for this course. It does sound very interesting. Is there any sort of reservation or notification for the next time the course runs. I wont want to miss it again. Great idea - vivek; and have a wonderful session - to all course members.

I also love this course, but...

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Arco de Bonte
Mon, 2010-05-10 11:09

... I'm also to late.
Is this course also available in a new cycle?

About Skype

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Curtis Frantz
Mon, 2010-03-15 22:05

Alright, well this is me chiming in in advance. I don't have access to a microphone that works right now. My computer's fairly old, though still pretty healthy and good enough for most things. Videoconferencing online and stuff like that, though, I've never had a need for before and just can't do, I'm sorry. I can receive video and sound, so that part will work fine, but I'm going to have to chime in via text chat.

In every field teamwork is

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Mahesh Khatri
Thu, 2010-06-24 11:13

In every field teamwork is required. Any problem can be solved by discussion. Discussion helps to develop new idea. The course sounds really good which will definitely boost up the confidence of participants. It will definitely help them to learn and work in extreme pressure , can build up personality which is required in every field.

I agreeCurso Ingles

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Curso Ingles
Sun, 2010-06-27 01:15

I agree

Curso Ingles

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