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About Me

Volunteering abroad at the moment, curious about supply chains (see URL below).
I work in the Southern Africa region on food security and HIV issues.

A full bio seems pointless to me- I'm pretty much the exact stereotype of the smart slacker, and you can assume that's all my history that relates to me. 
I had a friend, you see, who had been raped by another member of our friend group.  Watching her struggle with PTSD was like falling down the rabbit hole.  She's since recovered (this was 7 years ago), and is now happily in grad school, studying some high-powered business thing that I don't understand at all.  I guess that's why I'm curious about the gender biases that cross-cut most of our societal problems (food security and HIV too)- even after all these years, it's a hard story for me to shake off.


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