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Collaborative Lesson Planning

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Collaborative Lesson Planning

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Course organiser: Charles Danoff
About the Course Organiser: 

Course Organisers:
* Dr. King
* Charles Jeffrey Danoff

About Dr. King:
Hello, my name is Dr. Marjorie King. I am a Registered Professional Nurse. Received a BSN and MN ED in Nursing and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Worked for 42 years in a variety of clinical and administrative nursing roles. After retirement, I began teaching in a baccalaureate/masters program at a regional university (11+years). During that period, I developed and taught a Nursing Administration (Masters Level) course on-line and also collaborated with another faculty member to write (2) programs for continuing education credit on-line.
In the Fall of 2010, I was a first time course organizer on P2PU, with Charles Danoff. He introduced the course entitiled "Collaborative Lesson Planning". The course was offered in January, 2011 again and will be repeated in April, 2011. I feel that there is definitely a place for collaborative lesson planning in our educational system today. Hopefully, we can interest enough administrators/educators to begin this concept in their institiutions. 

About Charles:
Collaborative Lesson Planning has been a formal reserach interest of mine for just under a year. My first presentation came last summer when I gave a speech on it at Wikimania 2010. Last fall I taught a course on it with Dr. King (same as this one) here on P2PU. Drawing partially on ideas generated in the course between me and another class member (Joe Cornelli) spawned the paper: Paragogy: Synergizing individual and organizational learning. I try to put the idea into practice by sharing my lesson plans I used teaching English in China on Wikiversity and the plans I made as part of studying for my Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. My homepage is danoff dot org, and i can be reached via email for questions.

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Can collaborating on lesson plans make them better and give educators more free time?


This course has educators share their lessons online and find collaboraters who will help them make their lessons better. This helps the educator and the entire Open Educational Resources community online by putting more materials out there, then showing how to not only use them, but improve upon them.

The course was run in the last session of P2PU and you can find more information about the topic there, and in a speech given by the instructor at Wikimania 2010.

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