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Prototyping (the) Innovation Ecology

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Prototyping (the) Innovation Ecology

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Course organiser: Peter Troxler
About the Course Organiser: 

I am an independent researcher at the intersection of business administration, society and technology.I am passionate about the overall architecture and design of the social, technological and commercial aspects of enterprises. And I am equally intrigued by the challenges of investigating models that explain and applying these models to both companies as permanent and projects as temporary organisations.

My theoretical interest and expertise are in management systems, such as quality and knowledge management, and in the application of technologies, particularly Internet and Web 2.0 technology. My areas of practice are Fab Labs, Open Design and Creative Commons,

More recently I have started to investigate and develop models and formats of co-creation, together with colleagues Abdul Samad Kazi (VTT, Helsinki, Finland) and Patricia Wolf (ETH Zurich, Switzerland). First results of this endeavour have been the development and delivery and evaluation of “unconference” and co-creation formats in academia and business.

I am also investigating how structural and societal conditions influence and are influenced by various forms of co-creation, one example being the current intellectual property and copyright regimes as opposed to commons-based peer-production.

In terms of formal credentials, I hold a Dr. sc. techn. and an MSc. in industrial engineering from ETH Zurich, and a certificate in International Copyright Law from the University of Amsterdam. I received formal training in online journalism, as a facilitator for Local Agenda 21 and for future workshops, in educational video production, and in sound engineering.

I am proficient in German, English, Dutch and French and do read Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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How to create a business around offering an infrastructure for others to innovate


Anyone wanting to join the course, please contact me, Peter Troxler, through this site (on my profile or by adding a comment to this page). I'll add you to the course a.s.a.p. (as soon as practicable).

Open source radio, shared workspaces, fabrication laboratories ... commons-based peer-production is making its way into all and any areas of society.

Many of these initiatives provide shared infrastructures, and as their number grows so does the demand for sustainable business models for maintaining these infrastructures.

In software, Open Source has resulted in profitable business, increased innovation, peer-production and more choice for businesses and consumers. While there are tried and tested business models for open source software development it is still a big adventure to transfer these models to the physical realm.

This course aims to equip the daring who embark on this adventure with background theory, practical tools and an opportunity for peer-supported prototyping.

Learning objectives

Each course participant will have to develop their own learning objectives for this course.

In general, the learning opportunities will cover these three areas:

  • Assess, which of the basics management theories are applicable to this new challenge
  • Select and experience tools for business development
  • Create a prototype for an innovation ecology based business



Hello, I'd like to sign up

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Cesáreo González
Thu, 2011-05-12 00:31

Hello, I'd like to sign up for the course