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Sustainability Studio

Syllabus for Sustainability Studio

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Fri, 2010-12-31 01:14

Welcome to Sustainability Studio!

As of February 9th this is what is happening:

Studio Co-Facilitators

Studio Citizen-Circle Projects

Studio Guest Speakers:

January 26, 2011 Dr. Geoffrey Habron, Assistant Professor, Socioloogy, Michigan State University - Jeff, helped create the MSU Sustainability Specialization and the competency framework, which we're using for Sustainability Studio. Geoff will talk about the competency-based approach to sustainability and how it can guide the design of our projects. He will also talk about his work in water stewardship - which should provide some useful feedback for the Jackson Water Stewardship Adventure.

February 9, 2011 Project Team Discussion

To be scheduled: 

Storytelling Models - Chris will organize

Love: How do you recognize love when you see it in community? - Alan and Joy will organize

 Taylor Reid is a Doctoral candidate in Community, Food, and Agriculture at Michigan State University. His dissertation focuses on the values and learning processes of first-generation farmers. Taylor also founded Taylor will share his work and we can get his feedback on our projects such as Farm Art and Mindful Transformation.

10-Question Project Design Form (to be finalized and approved by the course organizer by the end of week #2, no later than February 8th).

1. Project Title:
2. How do you define success for this project and how will you measure it?
3. Briefly describe your project:
4. When does it start and end? 
5. Where is it located?
6. What are the names of the people doing the project?  
7. List your weekly action plan during the course from January 26-March 16 (refer to the course schedule to list week-by-week activities.
8. How does your project contribute to sustainability?
9. How does your project align with one or more of the sustainability competencies?
10. How will you create a digital story that can be openly published and shared that demonstrates mastery of your selected competencies?

These ten questions are the foundation for the project wiki pages.


For the personal development

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George Lorenzo
Tue, 2011-01-18 04:26

For the personal development project, some early resources are available at "happiness: a blog about being healthy, self-sufficient, purposeful and loving."

The first assignment for this "happiness" project is for you to write your personal "Manifesto." For an example, see

Hi George - thanks for

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Christine Geith
Tue, 2011-01-18 05:43

Hi George - thanks for sharing these terrific links. For those in the course interested in the personal development aspect of sustainability, the "personal manifesto" would make a great project.

A manifesto could also be a useful tool for people in other projects seeking a way to document what they're doing.

Let's put out a call to individuals interested in forming a citizen circle with you to take this on as a sustainability project in the Studio.

- Chris