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Education Politics in America

References suggested by Ken Fles.

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Sun, 2011-01-30 19:57

Education Politics in America

Here is one good starting point.   
Academic paper (that has been cited frequently per Google Scholar) has an overview of traditional public and private schools.
This article from a top source for research articles about education,
the ERIC library, looks at one model of edu reform.
Performance funding is a method of funding public
institutions based not on inputs such as enrollments but on
outcomes such as retention, degree completion, and job
placement. has good articles like this one and links to expert’s blogs, etc.  Education 2.0 changes and examples.
I decided against linking to a column by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin because it seemed pretty critical.  It mentioned a local edu think tank,

But George Will is another (calmer) conservative who also wrote a column today about our edu system.