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i'm a medical librarian with a thing for ultimate frisbee and microbrews.  :)  One of the reasons I love medical librarianship over other forms of librarianship is the fact that it seems to be filled with cutting edge technology.  I am in no way a programmer, but I wish I was (I took comp sci 101 in undergrad, where we learned a language called Scheme...and back in the days of DOS I used to customize the code for little games that came in the back of 3-2-1 Contact Magazine, but that's all I got beyond some HTML playing).  I speak a little bit of Russian (my undergrad major along with math, but I speak no math at all these days).  I'm in the midwest right now, but I grew up in NY/PA and went to grad school in Seattle.   

i'm a sucker for webcomics. 


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