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Getting Started & Group Assignments

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Sat, 2010-09-11 22:45


Online collaboration among group members is a key part of this course.  Each week, you and your group members will need to collaborate to discuss the weekly readings and discussions, and to prepare the group response to each of the Case Scenarios.  To get you started, we have created a thread for each group in the official p2pu forum for this course, available here:
As soon as possible, please log on to the forum, go to the discussion for the group you have been assigned to (see below), and begin communicating with your fellow students.  In the first week, you should accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Introduce yourself to your classmates and explain why you are taking this course.
  2. Decide who will be responsible for submitting each of the group responses to the Case Scenarios.
  3. Figure out which technology will work best for your group to connect and collaborate throughout this course.  It may be a good idea to “meet” online at agreed times to discuss each week’s discussion questions or Case Scenario. (You are free to use the P2PU Forum for all of your group discussions if you think that will work best.  However, there are numerous other technologies out there that provide real time/live communication capabilities.  See the link for Communication Tools under Course Materials for some suggestions.)

Please feel free to check out the discussion threads from the other groups as well, so you can see what a wonderfully diverse group of students we have in this course.


Group A
Courtney Burken
David Wiley
Margarite McCandless
Mary Louise Harp

Group B
Meena Hwang
Elizabeth Arthur
Josh Peterson

Group C
Joe Jasek
Martha Rans
Brylie Oxley

Group D
Mike Jung
Sheri Kendall
Sarah Weston
Rurik Nackerud

Group E
Nancy Zeller
Ralph Kaplan
Logan Cox