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Can you think of a specific example of when the Bazaar model has worked for you? I just had a pretty cool interaction with a module maintainer for Drupal and thought I would share with you. Please share your interactions with the Free/Open Source Software Communtiy.

From #drupal-ubercart on (removed irrelevant messages)

[11:05am] johndbritton: does anyone know why/how ubercart 302 redirects AJAX requests to non SSL in coupon module... coupon functionality on my site isn't working because the browser doesn't follow the redirect
[11:06am] longwave: johndbritton: uc_coupon maintainer here
[11:06am] johndbritton: hey
[11:06am] Druplicon: niihau
[11:06am] longwave: johndbritton: AJAX requests cannot follow SSL redirects
[11:06am] longwave: so you need to add the AJAX path to your securepages config
[11:06am] johndbritton: the original request is for SSL
[11:06am] johndbritton: I don't think we're using securepages
[11:07am] longwave: hmm so how are you configuring which pages are SSL and which aren't?
[11:07am] tcindie: I thought you had to use securepages to have SSL on a drupal site
[11:07am] longwave: tcindie: you could probably do something hacky in .htaccess to achieve the same thing with regexp matching of paths
[11:08am] johndbritton: hmm, looking at the code now
[11:22am] johndbritton: longwave
[11:22am] johndbritton: i've got the fix
[11:23am] johndbritton: on line 8 of uc_coupon.js
[11:23am] johndbritton: url: Drupal.settings.basePath + "?q=cart/checkout/coupon",
[11:23am] longwave: ah yeah that should be set with url() and not like that
[11:23am] johndbritton: we've got clean urls enabled, so this is getting rewritten on request
[11:23am] longwave: globalredirect might be breaking that
[11:24am] johndbritton: shall i fix it?
[11:24am] longwave: i am patching it right now on my dev copy
[11:24am] longwave: will commit to CVS as soon as i have tested
[11:24am] johndbritton: cool, thanks
[11:24am] johndbritton: I would do it if you need it, but ok thanks!
[11:28am] longwave: johndbritton: committed to HEAD:
[11:28am] johndbritton: thanks
[11:35am] johndbritton: longwave: that did the trick, thanks again
[11:37am] longwave: np