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Drupal Theming & Tweaking

This course is currently in Draft status. If approved this course is scheduled to run from 28 March 2011 to 8 May 2011. Signup will open a few weeks prior to start date.
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Drupal Theming & Tweaking

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Course organiser: Daniel Canet
About the Course Organiser: 

I'm a software engineer from Barcelona, Spain.
I've been working for almost 10 years on private companies related to Urgent Transportation and Logistics as IT Manager, programmer, consultant and board member.
During that time I was doing some freelance jobs and personal projects until 2007, when I joined a friend and co-founded Strabinarius, a programmer's studio that allows me to work on my own.
I've been building websites these last years and I've learned some about web standards, client&server-side programming, PHP, web development methodologies, php, css and javascript frameworks, Wordpress theming and programming, Drupal theming and programming, Community studies, Semantic web, microformats, web services programming, SEO theory and techniques,... 
And a long etcetera including a lots of worthless knowledge that at least allows me to gather a little and during a few seconds my b i g  p i c t u r e of the internet phenomena.
The p2pu is a bright spot to learn: a chance to give back some to the Community and to be part of a very satisfying experience.

No of Seats: 
Course Status: 
Draft in progress


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Want to create your own Drupal themes and control the output of core and contrib modules? Drupal T&T course coming soon


Drupal Theming and Tweking is an introduction to Drupal advanced theming and module development.

Course photo Water Drop by Naked_Eyes

On this course we will give an overview of a few key concepts that will help us to understand how to fit Drupal output to fit your design. Some techy ethimology may give confidence to those with a less technical background or with little Drupal experience.  

  • What's the difference between a web designer and a Drupal themer?
  • If it's a CMS why they call it a framework?
  • Why use theming functions instead of template files? 

Learning objectives


  • Understand the drupal hook system
  • Create your own modules and start to hook into
  • Use the Drupal form API to create and alter any form on your website 


  • Understand the drupal theming and template system
  • An introduction to css frameworks
  • Create your own advanced theme by using a base theme
  • Template and function theming



Hey Daniel - The course looks

Philipp Schmidt's picture
Philipp Schmidt
Mon, 2011-01-10 11:15

Hey Daniel - The course looks great. If you want, feel free to use the site itself for project work. There are lots of things that could be improved in the theme we are using, and we'd love to get some help and input. Post on the community or dev list ( if you want me to introduce you to the developer.

Hola, Phillipp. Thanks for

Daniel Canet's picture
Daniel Canet
Sun, 2011-01-16 11:46

Hola, Phillipp.
Thanks for the comment.
I've just joined the group and have a look to what's going on.

Hi Daniel - make sure to add

Alison Jean Cole's picture
Alison Jean Cole
Tue, 2011-01-11 01:43

Hi Daniel - make sure to add a strong sign-up task. This will help select the right group of motivated participants if you get hundreds of applications.

Hi Daniel, this course would

Andreas Miller's picture
Andreas Miller
Tue, 2011-01-11 05:57

Hi Daniel, this course would be perfect for me. I've created several websites with Wordpress but never with Drupal. I'm currently involved in a start-up where I will be developing a drupal site. What is the sign-up task so that I can apply?

Thanks for the comment. I

Daniel Canet's picture
Daniel Canet
Sun, 2011-01-16 11:57

Thanks for the comment.
I used wordpress too and liked it a lot, too.
I hope I'll finish the course definition on a two or three weeks, so if there's any specific subject of your interest, let me know.

Yeah, i'm interested too,

Yantisa Akhadi's picture
Yantisa Akhadi
Thu, 2011-01-13 05:46

Yeah, i'm interested too, what is the sign-up task? I see that we have to look on an article but which one? Thanks!

Since I've been working a

Vannkorn Tepken's picture
Vannkorn Tepken
Thu, 2011-01-13 07:43

Since I've been working a short period of time on Drupal, I am very interested in it. I've been working only with contributed modules and themes. Thus this course is absolutely fantastic to me since I always want to have my own themes on my websites. Thus I can't wait to get started!

I am really looking forward

Mario Rader's picture
Mario Rader
Thu, 2011-01-13 17:08

I am really looking forward to this course. I've been developing with CMS systems for years and set up a couple of basic Drupal projects last year. However, I would love to actually get to know the innards of skinning and tweaking that thing, especially in the new version.

I want to join this link I

Adam Cheslow's picture
Adam Cheslow
Thu, 2011-01-13 22:40

I want to join this link I think a good signup task would be to install drupal 6 on a domain and install modules and themes we will be working on. I really want to learn the theming aspect of it such as moving around modules and such Definitely Info on the hooks and also maybe with editing the actual tpl template file for styling and such

interested in this to round

Brian S's picture
Brian S
Thu, 2011-01-13 23:57

interested in this to round out my themeing knowledge. have been building drupal sites for +5 years now, our worker-coop hosts drupal sites, and my themeing has always relied on css + .tpl hacking.

would be good for me to go through a structured way of how one is supposed to do this (using hooks especially and overrides)

also I was only just shown this website today, so I'm not quite sure the process here. Looks to me like maybe this course isn't quite ready to go yet? or?

I've developed a lot of

Patrick Ward's picture
Patrick Ward
Fri, 2011-01-14 02:33

I've developed a lot of Wordpress sites and in general theme from scratch. I've tinkered with Drupal over several years but would love the opportunity for more structured learning.

Can we sign up now or do we need to wait for the task?

Hi Daniel. Great idea for a

Alan's picture
Fri, 2011-01-14 23:08

Hi Daniel.

Great idea for a course. I have been developing websites using basic CMS solutions(Wordpress, Wolf, Frog CMS etc.) and I become more interested in Drupal just couple weeks ago. It would be a great advantage for me to learn it from a professional back-end programmer.

Take care.

I am very interested in this

Robert Leonard's picture
Robert Leonard
Sat, 2011-01-15 04:03

I am very interested in this class! I have some experience creating sites with Drupal, but am an intermediate user. A few sites I am working on now use Drupal, but most of the hard parts were done by other team members and it's about time I learn it as well!


Hi there, I'm also really

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs's picture
Eleonore Fournier...
Tue, 2011-01-18 19:27

Hi there, I'm also really interesting in this course. I look forward to seeing what the sign-up task will be!

Hi all.I am also interested

Vangelis Maniatakis's picture
Vangelis Maniatakis
Wed, 2011-01-19 00:28

Hi all.
I am also interested in this course.
When will the sign-up task be defined?

Hi Daniel, I have so far

Sandeep M's picture
Sandeep M
Fri, 2011-01-21 00:52

Hi Daniel,
I have so far worked on 4 Drupal sites. My work has been mainly limited to theming. This course should help me start creating modules and tweak forms, something I struggle with currently.

I'm very interested and went

Ruby Sinreich's picture
Ruby Sinreich
Fri, 2011-01-21 22:15

I'm very interested and went ahead and pre-registered for this class. I've taught myself how to use Drupal over the past 5 years. I manage several Drupal sites including the very complicated I have a very good understanding of how to administer Drupal, and have done lots of theme modding, but would love to take this course to formalize and fill-in the gaps in my knowledge.

I recently started using Drush to do site updates and would strongly encourage others to check it out. Perhaps it could be covered in this class or a future one?

= Ruby

I have a background in both

David Armstrong's picture
David Armstrong
Sun, 2011-01-30 15:20

I have a background in both Joomla and WP, but the new release of Drupal 7 has me interested again. I have been building, tweaking and modifying on my test server, trying everything out, and keen to increase my knowledge. I look forward to the course.

Hi, I'm interested in this

nada A.S's picture
nada A.S
Sun, 2011-01-30 20:47


I'm interested in this course ,i have a previous experience with Joomla , and also i worked for some time with Drupal .I really want to discover drupal's features and learn to customize themes properly .


Hola! My apologies to those I

Daniel Canet's picture
Daniel Canet
Sun, 2011-02-06 13:58


My apologies to those I didn't answer, and thanks for the comments and your interest on the Drupal T&T course.

I'm behind with the course contents and structure, and it will delay scheduled date for this course.

It's been a very exciting january month with the official Drupal 7 release and it may be a good idea to gather some of this new features on the course.

I'll Keep you posted.



Really looking forward to

benjamin Ellis's picture
benjamin Ellis
Sun, 2011-02-06 20:42

Really looking forward to being in this class. I need to learn!

I'm really looking forward to

Joe D'Agostino's picture
Joe D'Agostino
Wed, 2011-02-16 20:55

I'm really looking forward to this course! Anybody know when we will know whether or not our application for the course has been accepted?

Hi Daniel, I've tried to

Martin Duys's picture
Martin Duys
Fri, 2011-02-18 11:04

Hi Daniel,
I've tried to signup a few times, but I don't think I am on any list anywhere. Can I only apply once you have actually put the sign-up task up? Or can I sign up now?

Hi, I've been looking forward

Tumain K's picture
Tumain K
Sun, 2011-02-20 22:56

Hi, I've been looking forward eagerly for a course like this. Really I need to learn this.

hi Daniel, Just wondering if

Dillon Ross's picture
Dillon Ross
Wed, 2011-02-23 02:53

hi Daniel,
Just wondering if there was an update on possible start date, I imagine all the Drupal 7 goodness has kept you busy.

Hola, everybody First of all,

Daniel Canet's picture
Daniel Canet
Wed, 2011-02-23 12:32

Hola, everybody

First of all, I must apologize to you all.

I've been busier than I expected and I'm afraid I have to move the Course start date to 23th of March.

On the next days I'll be contacting all the applicants and sign up will close on the second week of february.

Thanks for your understanding and keep tuned.

Hello, very nice Drupal

Christian Filzwieser's picture
Christian Filzwieser
Tue, 2011-03-08 10:11


very nice Drupal lessons.
Should be more @ P2P.

I work with Drupal the last 2 years.

nice post,Thanks for your

SEO Service's picture
SEO Service
Sat, 2011-03-12 07:44

nice post,Thanks for your understanding and keep tuned.

Hola Daniel, I just wonder

Israel Munoz's picture
Israel Munoz
Mon, 2011-03-14 08:04

Hola Daniel,
I just wonder what will be the sign up task?
or i just can sign up 4 the course?

thanks you!

Hi Daniel -- Need any help

Dan Bashaw's picture
Dan Bashaw
Tue, 2011-03-22 20:48

Hi Daniel -- Need any help getting the course going? I'm looking forward to attending, and notice the syllabus is not filled in yet, for example. Has the course been delayed due to your busy schedule? dan[A]danbashaw[D]com