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Collaborative Lesson Planning

7 March 2011 Partial Live Meeting Transcript

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Wed, 2011-03-09 07:53
Read as Joe and I take an exciting journey
into managing/sharing bibliographies via Zotero. 

Constructive accomplishment of the meeting was that we started a paragogy group on Zotero which'll ideally make it a lot easier for us to do research on the topic and involve others who're interested.

[14:22] <danoff> back
[14:22] <@jcorneli> i'm trying to figure out how to import my existing bib items
[14:22] <@jcorneli> and then share them
[14:23] <danoff> alright
[14:23] <danoff> i'm gonna register with zotero
[14:24] <@jcorneli> importing now
[14:24] <@jcorneli> you should create an account on their web page...
[14:25] <@jcorneli> I'm creating a "paragogy" group
[14:25] <danoff> kk
[14:25] <@jcorneli> when I know your login, I should be able to add you
[14:26] <danoff> you want to add voice to this meeting?
[14:26] <danoff> log-in to gchat?
[14:26] <@jcorneli> could do
[14:26] <@jcorneli> will have to turn on my other computer for than
[14:26] <@jcorneli> for that
[14:26] <danoff> can we do skype?
[14:26] <danoff> if its easier
[14:26] <@jcorneli> nope
[14:26] <@jcorneli> all of that is on the other machine
[14:26] <@jcorneli> it's no prob to turn it on
[14:27] <@jcorneli> will do it in a minute when I have this group set up
[14:27] <@jcorneli> hopefully you're getting a login w/o problem?
[14:29] <danoff> validating e-mail now
[14:31] <danoff> think i am good
[14:32] <@jcorneli> I think I have nearly figured out how to import items too
[14:32] <@jcorneli> go to
[14:32] <@jcorneli> and see about joining that
[14:34] <danoff> i'm in the group
[14:34] <@jcorneli> I am uploading files now it seems
[14:34] <@jcorneli> I'm just uploading my entire bibliography...
[14:34] <@jcorneli> it should be easy to add and delete things here later
[14:34] <@jcorneli> this is just a demo to see if it works at all
[14:34] <@jcorneli> if it does, this will be pretty sweet
[14:35] <@jcorneli>
[14:35] <danoff> 126 items in the group
[14:35] <danoff> appears to of worked
[14:35] <@jcorneli> yep
[14:35] <@jcorneli> of course, most of these should be deleted later
[14:36] <@jcorneli> I guess you add notes through the "Notes" tab in the plugin
[14:36] <@jcorneli> I don't see a way to do that in the web interface itself
[14:37] <danoff> k
[14:38] <danoff> my library is now sync'd
[14:38] <@jcorneli> cool
[14:39] <@jcorneli> I guess maybe you see a note attached to the first item?
[14:39] <@jcorneli> or in the web interface at
[14:40] <danoff> i see the note in the plugin, but i "can't make changes to the selected library"
[14:40] <@jcorneli> Oh, I guess items that previously had annotations show up in the listing in the plugin with a little ">" arrow
[14:40] <@jcorneli> can't make changes: let me see what I can do about that...
[14:41] <danoff> k
[14:41] <@jcorneli> I upgraded you to "Admin"
[14:41] <@jcorneli> that should do it, as soon as the permissions update
[14:42] <@jcorneli> you might have to press reload or something... but this service seems pretty fast at updating things!
[14:43] <danoff> *very* fast
[14:43] <danoff> i've added a "child note" to the "A comparison of RDF query languages"
[14:44] <@jcorneli> cool
[14:44] <@jcorneli> so we seem pretty "set" for use of this service
[14:44] <danoff> yeah
[14:45] <danoff> this *could* one day be the center of the paragogy discussion?
[14:45] <@jcorneli> It's quite helpful
[14:45] <danoff> more practical/useful than an e-mail list ... more doing, less talking
[14:45] <@jcorneli> yep
[14:45] <@jcorneli> we could make a little sample from that Athens Academy picture you sent into the group profile picture :)
[14:45] <danoff> on a moderately related note ... public notes in amazon kindles
[14:46] <danoff>
[14:46] <@jcorneli> wow
[14:46] <@jcorneli> BTW, I think Zotero + IRC works quite well
[14:47] <danoff> agreed
[14:47] <@jcorneli> + Etherpad + voice might be even better...
[14:47] <danoff> very well
[14:47] <danoff> maybe ... though this also keeps it all recordable
[14:47] <danoff> easier than voice
[14:47] <@jcorneli> true
[14:47] <@jcorneli> I can see about getting the voice thing on now tho for a follow up to this massive tech session
[14:49] <danoff> ha
[14:49] <danoff> kk
[14:49] <danoff> i'm gonna try and bring in the athens photo somehow
[14:59] <danoff>
[15:05] <@jcorneli>
[15:07] <@jcorneli>
[15:08] <@jcorneli> lots of services that are similar
[15:08] <@jcorneli> including amazon kindle now
[15:08] <@jcorneli> but this is meant to be the open source winner in this space
[15:12] <@jcorneli>
[15:12] <@jcorneli>
[15:17] <@jcorneli> annotations
[15:17] <@jcorneli> yay
[15:18] <danoff>
[15:19] <@jcorneli>