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Consciousness: Games and Apps

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Consciousness: Games and Apps

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Course organiser: Miriam Corneli
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I have a BA in Consciousness (studying the holographic paradigm), an MA in education and alternative learning strategies, (mostly with language learning and affect) and 20 years of experience in mind/body therapies, e.g.massage therapy, Shiatsu, Holographic Repatterning, energy work, etc. I am also a health and wellness coach. I have taught various classes for many years ranging from creative writing to yoga and creative movement to English grammar and pronunciation to job development skills and self esteem building. I love teaching and learning new things.

Now, I am most curious how we can accelerate the actual pace of the evolution of consciousness by using our own consciousness as a laser light to focus and create more coherence; also, to utilize the tools on the web as actual "building blocks" (or is it synapses?) for creating the global brain.

I welcome your ideas!


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Hypothesis: Internet use changes consciousness. How can we develop games and apps that change consciousness faster, and enhance evolution?


       Course Description (no more than 500 words)

Global Brain, anyone? This course is intended to be a shareware collaboration of gamers, theorizers and generalists interested in mind & brain who care about the ongoing health of life on the planet and will discuss and devise applications, activities, and games that will positively shift consciousness.  

In this course, we will be discussing the notion of the global brain (Peter Russell), the evolution of consciousness (de Chardin, Wilber), and the question of what consciousness is, and what evolved consciousness might look like. Transcendent states, moving up the "vibrational ladder" of positive emotions (Power vs. Force, David Hawkins), morphogenetic field effects (Rupert Sheldrake), techniques to help maintain positive mindset (Abraham Hicks, Sedona Method) and rid oneself of the "tyranny of beliefs" (Byron Katie) are all tools in the toolbox. But the final parts of the class need to include social networking, games, and applications that could be utilized to help larger numbers of people expand their consciousness in measurable ways. Currently, what kinds of games exist that do or do not expedite consciousness growth? What spiritual practices might there be (meditation, mindfulness, "don't believe everything thing you think", Holo-sync (TM), tonglen) or physical disciplines  that could add to the mix? How do we overcome the programming of the reptile brain, the selfish gene, self -serving memes, and just plain ignorance to make our own evolution more fun and enticing? Does the role of the chakra and meridian system have anything to do with it? Are there any ways to devise games that could deprogram the traumas that humans are heir to? It's a brainstorming session par excellence, but the final products will be a collaborative vision of what is possible, and what is pragmatic.



The class syllabus will be

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Miriam Corneli
Thu, 2010-09-23 09:52

Please check the Course Materials and look under Forums for entries on The Global Brain. Thanks! Happy Fall Equinox!

What I would really like to

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Kimba Kerner
Fri, 2010-09-17 22:47

What I would really like to take away from this course is how to approach children to enable them to be comfortable to think for themselves and delve into their intuition about the world. I work as an art teacher in an elementary school, and from this perspective I have been able to see how manipulated children are from even preschool to think inside the box, and to do as they are told. If we want to build systems to enable people to act on a level of fundamental awareness, I believe it is critical to also work in the earliest stages of life, so that this innate ability of ours is not forced back into hiding, since the structure of how society functions in this period is not compatible with such human unity.

Does anyone have a good resource, books, articles, etc, I could go to to try to work such things into small projects specifically for children? I would really appreciate it! :)


I wonder if you have studied

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Miriam Corneli
Wed, 2010-09-22 04:31

I wonder if you have studied much of the Montessori or the Waldorf School model. It seems from the small amount I know about them that these 2 groups are doing some great stuff with kids, development, art, creativity, not getting culturally brainwashed, and so on. I do know that Institute of Noetic Sciences is working on an educational project for youth, but I have no ideas about their curriculum. Does anyone else have any good ideas?

Thank you for mentionning

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Fri, 2010-09-24 10:08

Thank you for mentionning this alternative pedagogy. I've been aware of the existence of such methods for only a few months but I would like to add a few links to your answer.
In addition to Montessori, there is also the Freinet Pedagogy or the Steiner method which is in fact the name of the founder of Waldorf education.

Is this course suitable for

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Susan Roman
Sat, 2010-09-25 10:40

Is this course suitable for working people like me? I mean what are the timings etc.

It's an interesting course. I

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John Cayman
Sat, 2010-09-25 17:16

It's an interesting course. I like to learn it and convey it to all my associates.

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Dear Kimba I really like your

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Gurmit Singh
Sun, 2010-09-26 13:00

Dear Kimba

I really like your comment and your insight about how children are taught.

I am not clear what you mean by "to enable people to act on a level of fundamental awareness" - what is this fundamental awareness, why is it needed for systems change, and how do we as educators facilitate this- is it a curriculum issue or do we need to go outside the existing something new that does not get eaten up by the system?


As a species I feel that we

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Kimba Kerner
Sun, 2010-09-26 21:32

As a species I feel that we have an interconnectedness that is based in physical and meta-physical realms. An example of the meta-physical is when the attacks on the world trade center happened, readings of the level of earth's magnetism spiked to an unprecedented amount, as people were watching the news of the event. Another experiment of an example of the meta-physical acting upon the physical is: researchers used couples who had been together for a long time and put them in separate rooms, and hooked one person to readings of their blood pressure, heart-rate, etc., and asked the other that when they were shown the picture of their partner, to concentrate on them. What that experiment found was that exactly at the moment when the concentration was occurring, the body of the other partner was reacting to it. Time after time they got the same results. Of course this is considered to be fringe science, however, I believe that the key to out existence lies in the fact that we are all connected, that our actions have meaning, our thoughts have meaning. In "modern" society we are taught about separation, we are all pumped up with our self-importance, adherence to "duty," and our need to prove ourselves worthy of the respect of others through meaningless actions and possessions. We are burdened with unimportant issues which cloud our judgment and confuse as to where to invest our strength. In search of balance we need to reevaluate our principles, and discover what value set is ours or has been imposed on us. Which is why to give and learn the tools of distinguishing what is innately ours is very important. To allow children certain freedom of self-discovery, such as in the Montessori or Freinet systems is a path to that, but I think the collectivity of Freinet does more to establish the connection. However, unless we speak of humans as part of the world system, I feel that we can never get the true point. One can speak of the Global Mind and such, but that does not include the other part of human existence which is physically based, and our effects on that plane.

I am sorry, I know I have rambled on a bit, but there is so much to say! :)

Hi everyone. Be sure to check

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Miriam Corneli
Tue, 2010-09-28 01:05

Hi everyone. Be sure to check out the various comments! We got some rip-roaring ideas floating around! Thank you so much to all of you who are sharing!!!

Meanwhile here is more stuff I want to share with you about upcoming events from the Institute of Noetic Sciences: (check their website for details)

events | september 2010

"The Essentials of Noetic Sciences"
Teleseminar Series
What Is Noetic?

Metaphysics in Popular Culture
Jeff Kripal with IONS Research Director Cassandra Vieten
September 29, 2010 at 5:00 pm Pacific

The paranormal has been largely rejected by both the partisans of faith and the partisans of pure reason, especially in the elite intellectual institutions. Many establishments feel very threatened by the paranormal and most professional scholars of religion, humanities and science won't touch the topic of the paranormal, fearing loss of position or credibility. Meanwhile, many ordinary people have paranormal experiences and are seeking meaning for these experiences and indeed, many of the professional class are also very interested, but keep their interest "in the closet" for fear of professional ridicule. A third realm of knowledge was needed for those adventurous souls who are willing and able to look at the paranormal.

Jeffrey Kripal discusses this third realm with us. It's the realm of the Noetic sciences, and a small group of other organizations such as Esalen. Some elements of culture reflect this third realm, located somewhere between entertainment and the arts and esotericism. One thing that marks this realm is its resistance to easy dualism. He describes the history of "metaphysical religion" where mind is ultimate in some sense, and it is mind that creates the reality. These concepts are as recent as The Secret and as old as Plato's Cave, and have never entirely disappeared from the culture.

Join as a Partner Level Member to participate in this call and the following IONS teleseminars!

Coming Soon

* October 6 – "The Science of Noetic Experience" with Daryl Bem
* October 13 – "Near Death Experience" with Bruce Greyson
* October 20 – "Science of Intuition" with Rupert Sheldrake
* November 3 – "Science of Transformation" with Daniel Siegel
* November 10 – "Transformative Practices" with Fred Luskin
* November 17 – "Science of Meditation" with Roger Walsh and Shauna Shapiro
* December 1 – "Integral Healing" with Lee Lipsenthal
* December 8 – "Life Before Life" with Jim Tucker
* December 15 – "Energy Medicine" with Sylver Quevedo

IONS Partner Events

35th Anniversary Gala at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Sat, October 02, 2010 at 6:00PM
at the Sheraton Palo Alto

Celebrate our 35th Anniversary, while helping students from diverse economic and cultural communities around the world attend ITP. All funds raised through the Gala will benefit the Tom Potterfield Diversity Scholarship. The Tom Potterfield Diversity Scholarship allows promising students from the poorest regions of the world to attend ITP and return to help their communities reach their potential for wisdom, health and wholeness. To register please visit

Wisdom Healing Qigong and Sound Healing
Saturday, September 25, 2010
10 am to 5 pm
Tickets: $80 reserved/$90 door
Awaken your aliveness and joy and improve your health

This daylong workshop will be led by Master Mingtong Gu, an internationally recognized teacher and healer, with special appearance by James Baraz, Spirit Rock meditation teacher and author of Awakening Joy.

Master Mingtong Gu is the creator of the Wisdom Healing Qigong™ healing program and the founder of the Wisdom Healing Foundation and the Chi Center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California.

IONS Worldview Literacy project is featured this week on partner media channel StaceyTV.

This episode of StaceyTV, Believing in a Better World, asks the question: How can we respond with more wisdom and compassion to the suffering on our planet? Join host and IONS board member, Stacey Lawson, along with former IONS president James O'Dea, IONS Worldview Literacy project team Elizabeth Miller and Matthew Davis, and others as we explore how we can together create a more just and compassionate world.

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About the Teleseminars: These

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Miriam Corneli
Tue, 2010-09-28 01:12

About the Teleseminars:

These are pretty interesting ideas! Cutting edge but with years of research, top notch thinkers and explorers of consciousness. They are all very inspiring and thought provoking.
(And it's fun to listen to them. Not sure how you access them internationally. )
Maybe we could utilize some of these ideas in forming a "curriculum of consciousness" ??

It's an interesting course. I

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Sun, 2010-10-03 10:12

It's an interesting course. I like to learn it and convey it to all my associates. Thanks, Kevin from bonus bwin

Has anybody had a chance to

Miriam Corneli's picture
Miriam Corneli
Tue, 2010-10-19 05:11

Has anybody had a chance to look at the new course material yet for the week of October 11th? Will be posting more soon, but need to get some feedback... anybody out there?