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Introduction to Drupal

Syllabus for Introduction to Drupal

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Mon, 2010-09-13 15:11

  Before we start:

Week 1: Introduction

Guest guide: Salim of WebEnabled, Doug Vann

Week 2: Set up and Go! 

Guest guide: Doug Vann

Week 3:Getting started with distributions

  • Learning Objectives
    • What distributions are available?
    • How to access them from Web Enabled
    • Compare and discuss them online
  • Activities;
  • Discuss in Webinar 3
    • How can you extend them? How do you upgrade them?
    • How do distributions work?
    • Things to watch out for.
    • And a mention of community podcasts, feeds and webinars to check out.
    • Week 3 Recording:

Guest guide: Ryan Price of Drupal Easy

Week 4: Organize your site and content for findability

  • Learning Objectives
    • How to help visitors find content on your site through navigation & search
    • Using Taxonomy; Menus & Blocks to organize navigational elements
    • More like this and Facted search with ApacheSolr
  • Task
  • Discuss in Webinar 4
    • Search engine optimization
    • How these work together

Guest guide: Tom McCracken from Level Ten

Wednesday: October 20th - this week we are on a mid-term break. 

Week 5: Theming in Drupal

Guest guide: Heather

Week 6: Workflow that works

  • Materials on this week's session
  • Thanks to James Stone for this week's lessons!
  • Learning Objectives
    • What is version control
    • Migration from Web Enabled to local environment with DAMP stack
    • Working collaboratively
    • Backing up and maintenance best practices
    • Work environment & tools
  • Task
    • Backup your site
    • Set up a local work environment
    • Local environment, overview of tools on Mac + PC; and command line (via Acquia Drupal or Xampp)
  • Discuss in Webinar 6
    • Demonstration of various developers’ work environments

Guest guide:  Joshua Bruaer from Acquia


  • Final Week learning materials
  • Learning Objectives
    • Connect to the community
    • Places to find resources and help
  • Task
    • Locate either a local or topical group on g.d.o, write a post, or respond to a post
    • Respond to a forum post on
    • Showcase! Screenshot a part of your sandbox.
    • Task: Describe How did you do that? Blog or post on ‘Post installation’ forum.